10 Popular office communication software to try out in 2021

    The current pandemic has altered the dynamics of office communication forever. With employees setting up their home offices, office communication has moved online. Office communication between employees, customers and partners is not the same anymore. According to one report, almost 74% of the businesses in the US were working remote and 82% of companies are expecting remote work to become a permanent feature even after the pandemic. Companies like Twitter have adopted remote work forever.

    Expert Market surveyed 100 businesses in North America and Europe to find out how they coped with the new normal and their future plans. While an overwhelming 90% of businesses saw positive benefits working from home, including an increase in employee engagement; 71% of businesses witnessed a reduction in productivity and difficulty in maintaining the work-life balance. Businesses that quickly shifted to online communication reaped the full benefits of remote working while companies that were hesitant to move online or picked up the wrong tools faced challenges.

    Here is a list of the top 10 office communication software that will help you to navigate through the current pandemic and also meet future challenges.

    1. Clariti

    For effective office communication, you need a unified communication system that can combine all your communications from emails, chats, calls, documents in cloud storage and to-dos in one app and arrange them based on topic or context. So, whenever you want to refer to any conversation or file, you should be able to retrieve it in a few seconds.

    Clariti Combines all your communications from emails, chats, calls, documents in cloud storage, and to-dos in one app and links all related information in a TopicFolder. TopicFolder not only makes communication faster but also eliminates the need to search for any information and the stress that comes with it. Clariti is a free, web-based tool that doesn’t require any installation to use. Simply use your email id in a browser to create an account and get started.

    1. OurPeople

    OurPeople is a platform designed to improve communication within teams. It allows management to engage with each executive through messaging. Users can create custom tags to reach out to any specific employee or the entire team. Every team member will get a personal “Queue” of useful content pertaining to any updates or news. If users wish to chat casually with others, direct messaging is available within the system, as well as the ability to create groups and share videos, photos and various files.

    1. smarp

    Smarp is a cloud-based office communication platform designed to help businesses manage employee engagement and share information with external and internal stakeholders. Smarp comes with a news feed functionality, which lets employees subscribe to various topics and view news or industry trends. Smarp includes a resource centre, which allows organizations to store content in a centralized repository for future reference and create channels for publishing information.

    1. Office Chat

    Office Chat is a cloud-based office communication solution for small and midsize businesses. It provides collaboration and communication tools that can be used in the office or remotely. Key features include auto-login, delivery confirmation, automatic notifications, priority messages, automatic deletion of messages and more. Users can create multiple user groups, assign role-based group permissions, search chat histories and files and broadcast messages across an organization. Office Chat allows users to configure message and file retention.

    1. CallingPost

    CallingPost is an office communication solution that helps organizations of all sizes create, send and track emergency broadcasts via voice calls, text messages or emails. It allows users to automatically detect voicemails and leave pre-recorded voice messages, ensuring end-users receive the updates at a later time. CallingPost enables businesses to build, edit and maintain a contact database of members on a centralized platform. Professionals can utilize text-to-speech technology to record, preview and broadcast voice messages to individuals or groups in multiple languages. Additionally, it comes with a template builder, which lets users create white-label email templates with brand logos, colors, fonts and embedded videos within a drag-and-drop interface.

    1. OnSemble

    OnSemble is more than just an office communication software. It keeps everyone connected – it’s a digital workplace that makes employees feel valued. OnSemble is a modern intranet that keeps remote teams engaged and acts as the culture champion for the organization. OnSemble’s drag and drop interface allows users to design pages that reflect culture without entering a single line of code. OnSemble promises to transform how companies communicate, collaborate, and connect.

    1. Pronto

    Pronto is an all-in-one office communication platform that connects teams across organizations via chat and video to streamline communication across different work environments. Pronto lets users communicate with other team members from anywhere, anytime. Key features include real-time chat, group video chat, announcements, message translations, document storage and sharing, task management, and accessibility tools. With Pronto, users can ditch the email and meeting process to communicate key information to colleagues by utilizing messaging and group video conferencing technology.

    1. Proze

    Proze is a SaaS office communications platform with powerful drag & drop functionality for creating engaging and effective multi-channel employee communications with deep analytics. Proze integrates with Microsoft Teams, O365, Slack, LinkedIn and Salesforce, facilitating internal communication and providing the flexibility and power managers need for effective and trackable employee communications and engagement.

    1. Lifesize

    Lifesize helps businesses connect with their workforce and external partners. It offers audio, web and video conferencing capabilities to conduct virtual meetings and make online calls. Key features include video and audio conferencing, single sign-on, video streaming and broadcasting. Lifesize offers capabilities to conduct both on-demand and planned video meetings. With desktop, web and mobile apps available, users can initiate meetings, invite participants, share meeting links and join sessions from their desktops and mobile devices. It also offers audio dial-in for local numbers across many countries. A centralized business directory enables users to search contacts and rooms to schedule meetings.

    1. Beekeeper

    Beekeeper is a cloud-based office communication and collaboration solution optimized for remote and field workers. It supports omnichannel communication tools for mobile workforce. Users can send group messages, conduct surveys and share news and other updates. Beekeeper connects with many other cloud applications to pull data from multiple sources for analysis. A built-in chat messenger enables employees to chat with their peers as well as share documents, images, videos and links. Certain responses within the chat messenger can be automated using trigger-based workflows. The solution offers a dashboard that can be used to track real-time employee engagement scores, measure internal communication KPIs and view survey results.

    We hope the office communication tools discussed above will not only help your business to stay afloat but also make it thrive by improving the engagement, efficiency and productivity of your team during these difficult times


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