4 Latina Food Creators Helping Us Preserve Latin American Cuisine

    When I became vegan in 2015, I was concerned I might lose my culture. With food playing a huge role in how I connect with my heritage, I discovered vegan recipes that already exist within Salvadoran cuisine and veganized others (a total of 63 to date). Ultimately, I started The Salvi Vegan, a catering-meets-educational platform, a year later. I’ve fused my experience as a dance educator and cook to provide vegan recipes to more than 20,000 followers on my Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook accounts. Furthermore, as an Afro-Salvadoreña, it’s important for me to highlight the connections our ingredients, like tamarind and hibiscus, have to the continent of Africa. I want to ensure that the next generation is super proud of where they come from and their roots. 

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