What is MS DOS?

    Today, you run the computer very easily, but do you know that there was a time when the computer was run on the base of the command, at the time of the introduction of the computer, MS DOS was used, whose full name was Microsoft Disk. Operating System What is MS DOS

    You will be surprised to know one thing that it was not made by Microsoft, it was made by some other company, then its name was not MS DOS but when Microsoft bought it, its name was changed to MS DOS, whatever in MS DOS They work through commands, meaning you give instruction to the computer and the computer does your work, first of all we talk about what is an operating system.

    What is Operating System

    You can understand the operating system as if you bought a computer from a computer shop, then it has some hardware devices like CPU(Central Processing Unit), RAM ( Random Access Memory), or there are input and output devices, now you think how will the connection between the hardware and the user be because the devices support the machine language

    Humans support Human Relievable Language, to communicate between these two, there is such a software called system software and the operating system comes on the first priority in the system software, the operating system can completely control any computer. Makes Capable for work so that they can run other software in it

    Therefore we can say that the medium of communication between the user and the machine is the operating system.

    • Memory Management – ​​The operating system sees how much memory is required for any part of the computer to work.
    • Process Management – The work of settling all the processes in your computer is also the work of the operating system.
    • Device Management – ​​The work of managing all the devices related to input or output such as keyboard, mouse, printer etc. is also done by the operating system.
    • File Management – Creating, copying, increasing or decreasing data in any file in File Management, all these work are also done by the operating system.
    • Security – If an unauthorized user tries to access your system, then the operating system also has the job of stopping it.
    • System Performance – It is also the work of the operating system to see whether the performance of your system is decreasing or increasing.
    • Error Detection – If there is any kind of problem on your system, then it is also the work of the operating system to tell it.
    • Simple Batch Operating System – There was no direct connection between the compiler and the user, the instruction given in it was kept in another memory, which was the second memory, it became the compiler, because of this, the whole process took a lot of time to run. it took time
    • Multiprogramming Batch System – In this operating system there was a direct connection between the user and the compiler.
    • Multiprocessor System – More than one CPU was used in this system, so everything was done quickly in it.
    • Distributed Operating System – To divide a system into many different parts, where does it go to distribution and in this system the load was started to be distributed
    • Real Time Operating System – In this, any work was started to be done at a fixed time such as missile launch, ticket booking, rocket launch, in all these Real Time Operating System is used.

    File Attributes in Operating System

    For example, suppose you have created a file in MS Word, then that file must have a name, after that the extension of that file is also like MS Word Extension of Docx. It happens, after that the location of that file will definitely be in which drive that file is saved, that file must have some size like that the size of that file can be 25 Kb or it can be more, After this, you also have to take care of the security of that file so that no unauthorized person can see your file, then all these are called Attribute of our file.

    File Operations

    Now there are some operations to play the file like first we create a file, after that the data is written in it, after that you read the written data, if you want to copy your file, then copy it too. If you want to send the file from one place to another then you can save it and if you want to delete the file then you can do it easily, all these are called operations of the file, that means we want to play a file. For any file you can apply operation like this

    File System Types

    Now you must be thinking that where the type of file system is used like suppose a hard disk Now you know that any type of data is managed in the hard disk, although there are 4 types of file systems, but we use only two.

    • ReFS (Resilient File System) – This is a new generation file system, it does not have problems like data corruption and down time, if you use this system then you must have Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, this file system was invented. Was made to work in Windows storage space
    • NTFS (New Technology File System) – This file system was invented in the year 1993. There is no security of any kind in this file system but yes this file system has security at the folder level and NTFS is used by default. It is known that this technology is being used in the present time.
    • FAT (File Allocation Table) – FAT32 does not have security and does not have the option of Encryption, this file system is more useful than NTFS and ReFS because it was used mostly earlier, it is a file system that is used for every Location compatible means it supports every version, this file system is also useful for removable media
    • exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) – This is Microsoft file system, if you use this file then you have to purchase it from Microsoft.

    The full name of MS DOS is Microsoft Operating System, it is not a Graphical User Interface but it is a Character User Interface, meaning we give instructions through the keyboard and your system executes them, at one time it is very popular operating system. There used to be a system, but in today’s time Windows 7 is Windows 8 and Windows 10 and more operating systems are to come.

    When coding was done in DOS, there was a lot of problem at that time, in 1984 a micro computer with Intel 80286 processor was developed and MS DOS 3.0 and MS DOS 4.0 were developed, these operating systems are also because was called because it used to work input output related to disk

    it’s such a Operating System It is an operating system that not only controls hardware and software, but also creates a relation between them.

    First of all, this system was used to communicate with hardware, but in today’s time it is not used much, but yes it is a matter of fact that people who make programming language, they still use it today.

    Version of DOS

    MS DOS was created by Seattle Computer Product, it was usually made for the computers of IBM (International Business Machine) company, initially its name was QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) but after some time Microsoft bought it and it was renamed to Microsoft DOS

    Version Date
    1.0 1981
    1.25 1982
    2.0 1983
    2.11 1983
    3.0 1984
    3.1 1984
    4.0 1988
    7.0 1995
    7.1 1997

    data To properly configure DOS memory is divided into two

    1 System Area – It uses only 2% of the entire disk, the system area consists of 3 parts

    A Boot Record – It is also called Partition Sector, it is a boot system of size 512 bytes, in which the first sector of the disk is used, it is used to hold one or more information.

    B FAT – The second part of the system is called File Allocation Table, it is also called FAT, it is very important because it contains complete information about which file is located in the data area.

    C Root Directory – The first directory in the computer’s file system is called the root directory, just as the tree has its root starting point and the tree and its branches develop from the root, similarly the root directory in the directory is the starting point, in which all the files, directories and Sub Directory is kept in

    2 Data Area – About 98 percent of the disk space comes in it, which contains all the programs and files created by us, it is called data area.


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