A Friend Doesn’t Have To Be ‘Toxic’ To Be Bad For You

    “No breakup is ever easy and, more often than not, someone will be upset in the process,” says Rowntree. “But as long as we communicate, and do that with compassion, respect and, wherever possible, honesty, we can say that we have done our best.” just like a relationship breakupIt can be hard to know that you’re doing the right thing, but Rowntree says this is part of the process. “The end of any relationship undoubtedly comes with a lot of uncertainty, fear, and even frustration. And just as we sometimes regret a relationship breakup, there may be times that we wish we’d done something differently. However, that doesn’t mean this was the wrong thing. Trust yourself to know what’s right for you and remember that walking away from a friendship that isn’t right always opens up space in your life for more of those that are.”

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