A teacher “by chance or by choice”.

    Being a teacher should not be an obligation, but a choice made for a better future for the youth. The profession of teaching is more fun when it is accepted as a matter of preference to interact with the kids of today and instill preaching of morals and educational values in them.

    A motivated teacher has the ability to contribute immensely towards the growth of students and improved learning.

    A Teacher by chance or by choice- What does it mean?

    Suppose when you leave your home and go for a walk, you do not know where your journey will lead. However, if you leave home knowing where you want to go, you are on a mission of choice. Teaching should be like the second option where there is a predetermined destination.

    If you have a predetermined goal that you want to be a teacher, you are following your dream path. Making a career-choice is like selecting something that you love, admire and cherish, so it is, indeed, a lifelong choice with lots of happiness.

    Why should Teaching be a Profession by Choice?

    These days, the typical choice of profession is an engineer or doctor. Only a few want to be a teacher. However, those who have always dreamed of becoming a teacher since their childhood will seek real satisfaction from the profession. Meeting students in classrooms, delivering lessons, imbibing proper mannerisms and values, conducting exams is all part of the job.

    It should be noted that there is more to teaching than these routine activities and if you take up teaching as a choice, you will love the creative side that it unleashes.

    Reasons to opt for Teaching as a Career choice

    • If you look at the CBSE schools , they conduct a very innovative and futuristic approach towards teaching. Selecting to be a teacher in one of these schools gives you the opportunity to enjoy varied experiences every day. Besides, you have the chance to be more creative and make teaching a fun experience.
    • You can inspire students in a similar fashion the way you were inspired during your student years.
    • You can share with the students about the passion for your subject. True indeed, teaching serves as an effective way of passing on the passion and knowledge of your subject to the next generation. Taking up education as a career choice, undoubtedly, gives you the urge to inspire students.

    While thinking about taking up the role of a teacher as a professional, one needs to understand the amount of responsibility that he has to take. A teacher can make or break a student’s life. With proper guidance, a child can excel not just academically, but in all spheres of life. A teacher is the one who lays the foundation of a subject in the young minds. Be it education or human values, a teacher can influence a child like no other.

    Hence, if you choose to teach as a profession, you are sure to love it more and get the motivation to make students fall in love with their studies.

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