AG sues Tim Green’s Skyline Apartments, charging it is not fixing problems despite $300,000 fine

    Syracuse, NY — The state attorney general’s office is suing the landlord of Syracuse’s notorious Skyline Apartments, accusing the company founded by Troy and Tim Green of ducking rules meant to ensure that code violations were addressed at Skyline and a handful of other properties across the city.

    Skyline Apartments, 753 James St., became the most notorious of Green National’s properties after 93-year-old Connie Tuori was murdered in her apartment last year by a non-resident who had been allowed to freely roam the building’s hallways.

    AG Letitia James in February announced a settlement with Green National that required it to fix more than a hundred code violations across its numerous properties, as well as to install a monitor who would regularly report to the AG’s office of any ongoing violations.

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    But the AG’s office claims that Green National never hired a monitor to fulfill its end of the bargain. As a result, the AG is planning to keep a $300,000 fine that was imposed after the Greens failed to fix the code violations within 60 days of the February agreement.

    “Green National is shirking its legal responsibilities and failing to address issues at their buildings that are unacceptable for tenants,” James said in a news release.

    In addition to demanding that the Greens hire a monitor, the AG’s office is also seeking $100-a-day fine for each code violation that went unfixed. It’s unclear how much that might add up to in fines, because the Greens hadn’t hired a monitor to provide that information in a timely fashion, the AG’s office said.

    On the positive side, it appears that the Greens have whittled away the number of code violations from more than 100 to around a dozen or so, according to the AG’s office.

    However, the Greens were required to fix all of its outstanding code violations in a timely manner under the agreement, the AG’s office said.

    In a separate action, the city of Syracuse has gone to court to ask a judge to fine the Greens for not selling off their properties by a June 15 deadline. The Greens once owned 10 properties in Syracuse, but have sold off all but four of them. They still control about 800 total apartments in Syracuse, according to the AG’s office.

    Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh said in a statement that the Greens must still comply with the rules as they continue to try to offload their remaining properties.

    Staff writer Douglass Dowty can be reached at [email protected] or (315) 470-6070.

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