Apple working on rollable display patent.

    A patent application filed by Apple has revealed that the company is working on an iPhone with a special display. The display of this iPhone can be made bigger or smaller according to the need and it will come with a rollable display. The patent has revealed that in this design, the screen will be rolled up and folded inside the device and will come out when needed. Such a design has been previously showcased by Oppo.

    Rollable display instead of foldable

    BGR mentioned in its report the patent filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent titled ‘Electronic Devices Having Sliding Expandable Displays’ has surfaced, leading to speculation that the phone’s flexible display will go inside the phone casing if it doesn’t expand. At the same time, if needed, this display will roll out and users will get a big screen experience.

    rolling model of apple i phone

    Apple is not the first company to have patented a device with a rollable screen. Earlier, Samsung had also taken a patent for a device with a motorized rolling mechanism in the year 2019 and is working on this design. Samsung’s patent stated that the screen size could be increased by about 50 percent with the rollable display. However, no official information is coming out about Samsung’s rollable display phone.

    Smartphones with foldable displays have come in the market since the beginning of 2019. However, the mechanism and form factor of these smartphones is not simple and they use hinge system. In such a situation, due to turning from the same place again and again, there is a mark on the display. The rollable display remains secure inside the device and does not create any bends or creases as it rolls. It also does not require any hinge mechanism.

    Apple is also working on a foldable iPhone

    Apple may have taken the patent for a device with a rollable display, but it may take several years to launch in the market. Apart from this, according to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the company can also launch the first foldable iPhone in the year 2024. It is important to understand that Apple does not make it a part of the final device despite multiple patents, so it is too early to say anything on whether the iPhone with a rollable display will come in the market.

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