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    In Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16, the Paradis forces have a chance to learn what their enemies are doing. The ideologies of the two sides of the war are starting to become clear. It’s time for Eren and Reiner to face the truth about their own futures. They may not be able to control their own destinies.

    Gabi threatens to blow up Eren’s head

    Eren’s name is not mentioned in the title of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16. In fact, Gabi Braun is the one who shoots him in the head. Fortunately, the attack is a little more than a prank.

    The plot of this episode involves a few big surprises. One is that Armin rallies some of his remaining Cadets. Another is that the Survey Corps launches an attack on the Armored Titan. But the best part of the episode is that Zeke gets a chance to see what all the hype is about.

    attack on titan season 4 episode 16

    There is also a nifty way that Eren and his brother can kill each other. Their heads fly close together. And then there is the War Hammer Titan.

    Besides the nifty Titan powers that Eren receives, there are plenty of other things that make this episode stand out from the rest. One of the most exciting is the way that he flies through the air.

    In addition to the War Hammer Titan, Eren gets a special power, and he can even swallow a crystal. Afterwards, his consciousness is transported to the Paths. He uses it to find the location of his enemies.

    Eren and Reiner may not be in control of their own destinies

    Eren and Reiner may not be in control of their own destinies, but they certainly do make choices that will have a positive or negative impact on their lives. The three most important choices they make are based on a number of factors.

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    They do not have an ideal situation to start from. Their motivations are rooted in a complex system.

    Aside from being a noble action, there are other examples. For example, Eren does not take into consideration the suffering of the world. His actions are childish delusions of grandeur. He will rationalize his actions.

    While this might not be a true fact, it is a cliche. If he was a shut in, he would not be accepted by anyone. In fact, he is considered an evil deamon.

    Another example is Eren’s ability to sew a long white cord. When this is done, he can swallow a Lara’s crystal and achieve some sort of magical powers. It’s a nice trick, but it is not the most effective.

    One of the most impressive examples of this is Eren’s use of his Armored Titan to save Porco from the Attack Titan. But this is not the only time he shows off his abilities.

    The time of the Titans will soon come to an end

    A few months ago, fans of Attack on Titan were wondering whether the series would continue. Now, the season 4 finale is coming up. The finale will be a bloody and climactic one. Hundreds of characters are killed throughout the series.

    One of the major characters in the series is Eren. He was recruited into the Survey Corps, but he soon realised that the organization was not for him. In fact, he is now on the frontlines of the conflict between Marley and Paradis.

    As a result, Eren plans to destroy Marley and all the people living outside of it. But before that can happen, he has to face a number of wildcards.

    First, he has to deal with Floch, his loyal lieutenant. They will have to battle each other in the trees. This is one of the best episodes in the entire series.

    Another character whose role will be critical in the finale is Reiner. During the first part of the Final Season, the show illustrated a world where people would be willing to commit atrocities to make sure that they would be accepted.

    At the same time, Eren’s sister Mikasa is also part of the coalition of forces between Marley and Paradis. She doubts that Eren’s intentions are good.

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    The ideologies of the different sides of this war will be crystal clear

    If you are an avid watcher of the Attack on Titan series, you are probably well aware that the series has become an ideology and morality show. In recent seasons, it has made a point to demonstrate how violence will be accepted in a world where atrocities are commonplace.

    The season finale of Attack on Titan, which aired on Sunday, is a departure from previous episodes. Instead of spending much time on plot lines, the episode focuses on the ideologies of the different sides of the war.

    The episode introduces a few new tritagonists and emphasizes the viewpoints of the main characters. Eren, Gabriel and Pieck are portrayed as antagonistic and dangerous.

    Although the episode ends on a cliffhanger, there is plenty to look forward to in the second half of the season. Among other things, the show will continue to delve into the idea of a new religion.

    The “Above and Below” episode also hints at sterilization and the use of Eldian euthanasia. It also reveals Yelena’s loyalty to Zeke and Hange’s confession. However, it also leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

    One of the biggest questions about the finale is how Eren’s plans will play out. He has been preparing his army to eliminate the nation of Marley. But he has also made contact with a Titan of royal blood. And he’s been given War Hammer Titan powers.

    The Paradis forces learn many things from their enemies

    The Paradis forces learn many things from their enemies in Attack on Titan season 4 episode 16. Eren Jaeger reveals a secret that has changed the future of Paradis. And the Survey Corps is struggling to take back the Founding Titan.

    Eren has become a symbol of pride for the people of Paradis. He unleashes millions of Wall Titans to attack the world outside of Paradis. His anger is at its peak. But his actions are unpredictable.

    Eren’s plan hasn’t worked out. He uses Rumbling to kill all life on the planet outside of Paradis. After hearing the final words of Sasha, Eren laughs bitterly. Using his powers, he transforms into the Attack Titan.

    Eren is also seen in the final episodes. In one of the end credits, he is awake. He has lost his memory of a recent battle.

    Eren’s anger has reached its climax. As he prepares to face Reiner, he asks Gabi to help him weed out infiltrators. However, Gabi doesn’t cooperate.

    Meanwhile, a group of traumatized soldiers arrive at Liberio. The Marleyan forces plan to invade Paradis. Hizuru’s support reflects his greed. He promised to help Paradis in trade negotiations with other nations, but it was not a genuine help.

    The euthanization plan entails stopping the Eldians from bearing children

    The euthanization plan entails stopping the Eldians from bearing children. However, the name of this fanciful rite of passage may actually be the dreaded euthanization of the Eldiacs. Thankfully, Yelena has a better idea.

    Yelena is not the only one with the smarts to come up with a viable euthanization plan. Eren, Reiner and the Survey Corps are also on the case. Luckily, a slew of volunteers have been rounded up, leaving the Warriors and Jaegerists in their lurch. One of them, Mr. Leonhart, is willing to pick a fight with some of his Marleyan guards.

    Zeke has the same problem. His parents treated him as a tool rather than a human. This leads to a rather bruising family reunion. In the resulting tiff, a female Pure Titan makes an appearance. She also tears open her stomach in the process. A parasitic entity then turns her into the first Titan of its kind. Nevertheless, she is still the sexiest looking pig ever.

    Zeke’s scheme has its limitations. For example, the euthanization of the entire Eldiac population would require massive amounts of money and effort. What’s more, attempting to carry out this noble feat could result in the extinction of the Eldiacs.

    Eren and Zeke must come to terms with their own destinies

    In Attack on Titan season 4 Episode 16, the two main protagonists, Eren and Zeke, must come to terms with their own destinies. They are both now metonyms for all humanity. Their dark turns have reminded some critics of Walter White’s descent in Breaking Bad.

    Eren and Zeke are both mavericks. Their plans have not gone the way they expected. Despite their misgivings, they are unable to stop each other. As a result, the War for Paradis begins.

    Eren and Zeke share a close bond, both being half-brothers of Grisha Jaeger. However, Eren has become less than thrilled with Zeke’s plan. He believes that he is being used by Eldia.

    Eren, a member of the Survey Corps, is approached by supporters who intend to meet with him. The group decides to help him.

    Eren and Zeke are both involved in a fight for their survival. Eren is a military nationalist who is in pursuit of vengeance. He wants to be the leader of the reformation of the Eldian military. His supporters aim to reform the military with Eren as the leader.

    Meanwhile, Zeke is working for Grisha and Eldia. He has a secret plan for saving Eldia and preventing the birth of Historia’s child.

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