Avoid These Mistakes While Doing Crunch Exercises!

    Crunch is one such exercise, which you can do daily to stay fit and fine.
    However, many people unknowingly make some such mistakes while doing it, due to which they do not get the benefit of it and the chances of injury increase.
    Yes, during this simple-looking exercise, a mistake can also hurt you.
    Let us tell you today which mistakes should be avoided while doing crunches.

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    Not breathing properly

    Many people do not breathe properly while doing crunch exercises, but doing so is their biggest mistake because it can harm them.
    Explain that during this exercise, while exhaling, one has to rise up and while touching the ground, one has to inhale.
    If you do not pay attention to the breath during this exercise, then you may have to face breathing problems due to this.

    lifting the neck with the hands only

    If you only raise the neck with your hands while doing crunches, then this is also a big mistake.
    In fact, lifting only the neck with the hands while coming up can put a lot of pressure on your neck, which can cause pain.
    At the same time, your abs will not be able to be made with this exercise. Explain that crunches are mainly done to build abs.

    clench the shoulders

    Many people raise their shoulders too high while doing crunches, which puts excessive pressure on their shoulders and can cause shoulder pain, so this method of crunching is completely wrong.
    While doing crunches, keep in mind that you do not have to lift your shoulders too high.
    By doing this, you will not have problems with shoulder pain and you will get full benefits from crunch exercises.

    lack of body control

    If you want the crunch to have a positive effect on your body, then it is important that you control your body during the exercise.
    Many times while exercising it happens that we do not have control over our body. This can also happen because of being overweight.
    However, you should control your body while doing crunch exercises as there is a risk of injury due to not doing so.

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