Before scanning any QRcode, read this news or else your account will be empty!

    QRcode was first made in Japan but now it has taken a rapid step towards digital in India. In such a situation, you have to be careful.

    If you are also using quick response code while making online payment, then you need to be careful, now people’s accounts are being emptied from the QRcode itself, this code is the biggest weapon for the person who cheats this fraudster cyber qr code phishing speak qr code is a pattern code made of black line from which users’ account related data is saved whenever a code is scanned from a phone, the saved data is converted into digital language which is very easy to read. Due to this, cyber thugs take advantage of this by changing the code and taking advantage of others who cheat money.

    This scam starts after posting any item on the website for online sale, generate qr code to buy some goods or share it to pay token money, they will pay a higher amount. Create a qr code, share it with the people who buy it with WhatsApp or email, ask users to scan and transfer money, after scanning the qr code from the gallery, they are asked to proceed as soon as the user enters the UPI pin. money deducted from bank account.

    To avoid this, instead of scanning the qr code directly with the phone’s camera, you should do it with an app that tells the details of the qr code like the receiver’s name or anything else, do not scan any other or incoming qr code found in the message or e-mail. To take quick action on any wrong message, you need to scan the qr code at the shops itself and no qr code is required to give or take money to anyone.

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