Best Ayurvedic treatment for depression in 2021!

    The psychological state of humans doesn’t remain constant all the time, and this relies on how well the circumstances are going. Nevertheless, some people might experience loss of interest, hopelessness, and sadness for a continual period, which is classified as depression.

    It could have serious consequences on physical and mental health. Ayurvedic treatment for depression relies upon a compendious approach through herbal, diet, and lifestyle supplements which are quite natural and proffer an extensive solution.

    What is Depression?

    Depression is known as a low emotional state that persists for an extended time and affects an individual’s mental and physical well-being. The person might experience a depletion of interest in activities, loss of overeating or appetite, and low self-worth. It could occur in adolescents as well as during childhood.

    As per Ayurveda, there are two prime causes for the emotional imbalance –

    • Lack of cognizance of one’s inner, deeper self
    • When the three Kapha, Doshas- Vata and Pitta aren’t at their optimum levels

    Depression is happened due to Kapha imbalance, where the electrochemistry of the brain has a fickle overreaction (ie, Vata imbalance), which triggers up a loss of actinic activity within the metabolism (ie, Pitta imbalance).

    Kapha could result in darkness, heaviness, stress, anxiety, and stagnation of body and mind which may cause depression and hopelessness. Depression can also be caused because of Pitta disorder, where breakdown and allergies of metabolic processes could disturb brain chemistry.

    Treating Depression With Ayurveda

    In India, almost 200 million are purported to be medically depressed. Conventional treatments utilize chemical-based medicines, which might have side effects, and there’s also a stigma predisposed to being treated for depression. For depression, the ayurvedic treatment highly focuses on the lifestyle changes of a person along with the regular medication and hence, puts vehemence on the overall contentment of an individual.

    The Ayurveda treatment for depression holds supplements and internal herbal medicines alongside Panchakarma and specific therapies treatments such as Abhyangam (massage with particular medicinal oils), Nasyam, Thalam, Shirodhara, etc. which lessen the extent of stress hormones within the brain and change the brain’s EEG pattern and divulges it into an amenable state.

    This helps out in not only reducing emotional and mental health problems such as stress and anxiety levels but also helps in enhancing the discerning functions of an individual like memory enhancement and intellect, elevate in sound sleep patterns and concentration abilities. The efficaciousness of the treatments is ameliorated by the inclusion of Meditation, Pranayama, and Yoga sessions delegated by skilled yoga faculty.

    Ayurvedic Medicines

    Ayurvedic medicines specialize in rectifying the imbalance within the doshas, ​​and they eventually reduce anxiety and help out in managing depression. Some of the common medicines are:

    1. Brahmi: It aids in treating stress and calms down your mind, which typically helps in treating depression.

    2. Ashwagandha: Also referred to as Indian ginseng, it’s known to scale back stress and help to control mood swings.

    3. Guduchi: Also referred to as Giloy, it’s been found purposeful in treating depression.

    4. Bhringaraj: This is truly a rejuvenating herb that could help out to control stress and anxiety.

    Ayurveda provides the solution to innumerable illnesses perturbing either the body or the mind. Depression is truly a mental disease that’s not confined to the mind – which also articulates itself throughout the body. Ayurvedic treatment  comprises rejuvenating detox and herbal aids practices that strengthen and nourish the mind and finally aids in treating depression.


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