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    Computer Books If you are interested in learning computer from home or in addition to learning new things in computer or are doing a computer course and want to buy computer books that help you learn computer, then we here at Computer Course According to the category Wise Computer Books are giving information about all these books you can buy online All these books of Computer are in Hindi language from which you can easily learn Computer –

    Computer Books for CCC

    CCC Computer Course has been made compulsory in various government jobs, so millions of people want to do CCC Course for which the examination can be done either by institutions or by preparing from their home and for both of them, Computer Books based on the syllabus of CCC It is important to be here, we have given the books of CCC which you can buy online –

    Basic Computer Knowledge

    What is a computer? What are the components in a computer or you want to learn the basic fundamentals of computer, then these books are for you

    1. Computer Fundamental Hindi and English Edition for Basic Computer Course
    2. Super Speed ​​Computer Course (Hindi Edition)
    3. Computer Ko Jaane
    4. Pariksha Manthan Computer Ek Parichay
    5. Computer Fundamentals (Hindi)
    6. Rapidex Computer Course in Hindi

    Hindi Computer Typing Books

    The need of Hindi Computer Typing Books is something that we have to learn at the beginning of computer learning, because we need to learn Typing before learning computer. It is very important to learn English Typing as well as Hindi Typing. To learn them, we need Computer Typing Book. With the help of which we can learn Typing easily and can become a Self Dependent in any government department or private company or by doing any work of your own, you can select it from the books given below.

    1. Computer Typing Twiter Unicode Inscript Keyboard Mangal for All Competitive Exams
    2. Upkar Prakashan Standard Computer Typing Book
    3. Asha Typing Master (Mangal, Kratidev, Remingtan Gayil) Book

    MS Books Computer Books

    To work on a computer in any Office, it is very important to have complete information about MS Word which is a Word Processors, MS Excel which is a Spreadsheet and Power Point which is a Presentation Software. These three forms a part of Microsoft Office Apart from this, there are other software in the package of MS Office, if you want to learn MS Office, then the books are given below, you can buy them from there.

    Photoshop Books

    Photoshop is a software which is used in Image Editing, Graphic Design and Digital Graphics which can design a photo of a person or an object in a different look according to its many versions are available in the market for example Adobe Photoshop. 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and its most recent version Adobe Photoshop CC has also come in the market, as well as Photoshop is an employable subject too many people learn photos related to Photo Editing after learning Photoshop. And earn well

    Coral Draw Books

    Coral Draw is a Graphic Design Software through which you can create Design. Coral Draw is a Designing and Professional Image Creating Software. We use Coral Draw to do Visiting Card, Invitation Card, Logo, Cartoon, Advertisement Design, Website Design. Are Coral Draw is also an employment-oriented subject, you can create employment opportunities in both offline and online.

    1. Corel Draw Course 11, 12, X To X5

    Tally Books

    So first of all, know what Tally is, friends. Tally is an accounting software. Accounting is a accounting software that helps you to keep a record of your business. It makes it easy for you to come to Commerce or Mathematics to learn Tally It is very important to be expert but there is nothing like that for Tally neither you should come very well in commerce nor you should be expert in Math. There are some rules of Computer Accounting in real sense if you would know about them. If you just have to do Data Entry and that Tally Software automatically does all the work to prepare a report to add subtraction.

    How to become a computer operator

    1. Tally ERP 9 With GST

    Pagemaker Books

    Pagemaker has always been a pioneer in the field of publishing, Pagemaker was created by Adobe Company and later adopted by Adobe Corporation, since then its credibility has increased, though many versions of Pagermaker have come on the market but the seven-edged version of Pagemaker or Some elements were added in the version that the work of publishing started happening very fast in this software, in this software we can design Visiting Card, Resume, Books, Magazine, Newspaper Letterpad, Template etc.


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