Can Productivity Gummies Help Me Write A Screenplay? Theoretically yes

    But, my screenplay! So then I switched up my gummy intake to early mornings, like within the hour of waking up, to see if it could encourage me to sit down and work while I was running on my freshest early-morning brain juices. (At one point I started taking two gummies at once.) I found that adjustment helped significantly, especially when coupled with my matcha or coffee. But strangely enough, I ended up more focused on getting my “pay” work finished as quickly as possible rather than trying to get my “creative” work done—which may say more about how I need to better prioritize my days’ goals. What also resulted was not necessarily getting more done, but getting the best possible version of my work done before I felt like calling it a day. (My brain has always operated on a “quality over quantity” mindset.) But, also, what if this is all a placebo effect?

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