In the age of modern technology, everyone has the access to do various activities online. And, as a result, it has made it possible for us to get access to various banking-related activities online. At present, due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus has made the situation so worse that almost the entire world is suffering from it. Due to which many people feel worried to step out of their houses unnecessarily without any reason. CANARA BANK ONLINE ACCOUNT OPENING Process will be discussed in detail here.

    Therefore, it is very difficult for a person to trip to a bank to open an account by risking his/her life in such conditions. In such conditions, Canara Bank online account opening is the best option to have. And there’s no need to make trips to the branch for verification, printing, and signing different paper documents.

    You can do all these activities for the Canara Bank online account opening without standing in any boring queue, sitting on the sofa of your house comfortably, easily, and even without consuming your much precious time which you spend standing in the queue and traveling to the bank. And with the help of the most useful gift by technology and their experts, it has become possible for you to transfer your funds and pay different online bills with the help of Net banking at a single click. Everything that you need to open an online bank account To open a bank account online, you need to provide the bank’s official site with your personal information so that the authorities and advanced technologies can verify you with your data.

    There’s also a need for depositing the cash for your new bank account.

    For opening a normal bank account you need to make available these things mentioned below.

    • You need to provide the official site with the SSN Ie social security and N stands for a number.
    • Then provide the bank with your birthdate.
    • Now, enter your ID numbers of Aadhar card and PAN card.
    • You also need to provide the website with the contact info. Because the bank must know your resident address, including your phone number, email address, etc. Because even if you are opening your account online, according to the laws related to security purposes, it requires the person who is trying to open an account online to provide his/her physical address to prevent the cases of fraud which are on the rise due to technological and social development.
    • After that, the bank requires the information related to funds: It is the policies, rules, and regulations of the bank, which ask the person opening the account to deposit at least a particular amount that differs from bank to bank. So that, it makes you eligible to use your credit and debit cards by paying some amount of money for each and also for the deposit in your bank account.
    • It’s your turn to provide the bank with your official signature. There are different methods in which your signature can be verified, for instance, it can be verified through the signature method and the 2nd method includes you sending a clicked picture via the official website to the bank. This signature helps the bank to check and provide you with your official debit card.
    • Your account history in this bank or some other bank will also be checked for security purposes: Their customer’s conduct is checked. And also if you have been suspected of fraud in the past makes you inligible to open an online bank account. Your citizenship also plays an important role in opening an online account in the bank.

    There are different types of bank account that Canada Bank allows its customers to have they are as follows:

    a) Basic savings type of account

    b) Small savings type of account Minor accounts are available for children under the age of 18 and NSIGSE accounts.


    Canara bank provides its customers with both the facilities of making an online as well as an offline account. For opening the offline account, customers need to trip to their nearest branch of Canara Bank and submit the required paperwork. To open a savings account in the Canara Bank, the customer should be an Indian citizen, different trusts, government staff, physically challenged people, and even the illiterates are equally allowed to have an account for themselves and will be given equal status as given to the normal individuals.

    • To open a savings account online at Canara Bank, the customers need to go to the bank’s website.
    • Then they need to click the option “apply” now under the savings bank account button.
    • Then the customer should give his /her personal details such as date of birth, etc.
    • Now there’s an option for submit, the customer should click hat option to submit his/her details to proceed further for making an account.
    • Now the customer needs to verify the details concerning the documents they submitted such as Aadhar card.
    • Then all your submitted details will be verified. The executive of the Canara Bank does this job.
    • Now you will be provided by the Canara Bank with the kit to welcome you as the customer of the bank. And also provide you with a virtual debit card and CRN.
    • After the activation of the account, the customer needs to register it with his/her phone number and also download the mobile app to get access to more options and facilities provided by the Canara Bank of India. HOW TO OPEN YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT IN CANARA BANK To open a current account at Canara Bank, the customer should go to the official website of Canara Bank.
    • And now rather than clicking on the savings account option, the customer is required to the current account option.
    • Now the customer should enter his/her personal details such as name, date of birth, etc.
    • And then clicking on the submit option will help them to submit their details. • Then the customer’s submitted details will be verified by the documents they submitted such as pan card
    • These details will be then verified by the executive officer of the Canara Bank. • And same as the savings account, you will be provided with a kit as a sign of welcome including debit (ATM card) and CRN.

    Eligibility criteria for the current account

    According to the types of business, the criteria for eligibility differ for the current account.

    For instance: Joint Hindu Family Firm has different eligibility, Sole proprietor type of business and private/public Ltd. Companies have different eligibility.

    1. Joint Hindu Family Firm

    Joint Hindu family firm requires an application form with

    #) Pan Card and Government-authorized voters ID.

    #) It also requires a passport, bill of telephone

    #) With photographs and with the use of electronic signature, an agreement which is signed by the Karta itself along with all the members of his family.

    2. Eligibility or the documents required to make a current account in Canara Bank. An application with (AOA) including the identity certificates such as Aadhar and PAN card and also DL

    • A certificate of registration, certificate of business with the address proof is required.
    • Municipal Corporation authorized LC with BR certificate and also passport-sized photocopies are required. Canara bank looks after every customer and has started different privilege and premium accounts for their customers who get themselves considered as the loyal and the owner of the huge domestic business.

    Specifications of having a current account in Canara Bank

    • These types of bank accounts are meant to be for the people who run businesses accounts not give any kind of interest to the account holder for the amount of money held in their bank account.
    • An account holder has the access to get the statements of transactions every month.
    • People who have a Canara Bank current account can also take advantage of this fantastic service of Overdraft in which the customer has the privilege to spend the money even if he doesn’t have that much money in his account and then return it to the bank in a given period.
    • The account holder is accessible to draw as much money he wants.
    • Facilities of Net banking are also provided to the customers of Canara Bank.
    • But an account is charged for not sustaining a particular amount of money in the account.
    • The top banks providing a huge chain of current accounts including different personas and firms include Canara Bank in its list. Canara Bank has started its zero balance account for the minors and also for the financially backward people Under the Jan Dhan Yojana issued by the Government of India so that every citizen gets an opportunity to open his/her account with a “0” balance.

    In this type of account, there’s no need for any minimum money to be kept in the account. Hence the Canara Bank does not charge any amount of money for not sustaining a certain amount of money in the account. The Canara Bank also provides a visual debit card after the complete registration and a physical debit card after paying a certain amount of money for it. With the help of these cards the account holders also get access to withdraw cash from their account through an ATM. Account holds also get the facility to pay online with the help of Net Banking. All they need to do is just link their account to these Net Banking Apps. One of the trusted apps is “Google Pay”.

    • The account holders get the full excess to their account so that they can deposit and withdraw money in their accounts and also there is no max. Limit for the money to be deposited.
    • The Bank also provides the advantage of a nominee to every savings account customer. So in case of emergency, their trusted nominee can access their bank account. A passbook is provided to every account holder.
    • In case, if there is no transaction done in the account For a long period, the bank will not deduct any sum of money as a penalty.
    • The account holder is only eligible if he /she does not hold any other account and in case of a minor account, the parent can start the account by getting verified by the bank.

    Benefits of The Canara Bank Online Account Opening

    1. Having or opening an online Account can help the customers enhance their experience.
    2. It also saves the time required to visit the bank for various purposes again and again and also the time that the customers spend standing in a long queue.
    3. The user can access every single thing related to their Bank account sitting at their home in comfort through the official app of the Canara Bank called “CANDI”.
    4. Also, Bank notices every single notification to the user can ask every single query from the bank without visiting a bank.
    5. There’s no worry about any security-related issue of your bank account but you should never tell your OTP on a phone call asking for it because bank authorities never ask any OTP related to their bank account on a phone call, they rather ask the account holder to visit the bank for OTP related problems or queries.


    1. The app and the official website of the Canara Bank are 24/7 active and you can access communication at any time or point in the day. Forming an online account at Canara Bank is safe! Yes, it is safe, if the bank has the software or anti-hacking system that can protect their account holders’ online accounts. But even the customers should be attentive and towards every notification on their registered phone number. Regular inspection of the bank website and the app is a must for ensuring the security of your account. And therefore, making an online account is the best choice for the customer.

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