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Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites used by people all over the world to research different topics. It was established in encyclopedia articles with a premise that if two people could agree on the same facts, this would mean that they had researched both topics. In essence, there is no proof that the facts mentioned on the website are true. This premise has made Wikipedia one of the most visited websites, as it allows the user to look up information from various sources. Wikipedia is also used for research within a university or school. wikipedia   It was created by a group of volunteer editors who worked together to create a free encyclopedia. They also worked to improve the site by adding new articles and removing any articles that contain misleading information. This means that the Wikipedia page is always being edited to ensure accuracy. The major components of the wiki are an Arbitrated List of WIKIP (Works With Other Organizations) Pages, an Arbitrated List of Terms, and a Verifiable List of Corrections, which are checked regularly. Wikipedia also has several branches and sub-branches. Each of these branches and sub-branches are maintained by individual contributors working under their own free will. One of the main aims of the project, and of wikipedia in general, are to provide an accurate source of information for its users. Wikipedia is edited by individuals from all walks of life, all around the world. It has become one of the largest sources of information on the web, second only to encyclopedias. However, unlike encyclopedias and dictionaries, wikipedia contributors work to keep the information on the site up to date, by making sure that the information on the site is as accurate as possible. For this reason, there are numerous editors, rather than just one, working on wikipedia. If you see, ittalk pages about any topic, you will often see a discussion board or an edit warner area. This is where wikipedia editors from all over the world sit down to discuss issues with each other, usually involving technical issues. If you see something on wikipedia that you think is inaccurate, and you want to correct it, you can either edit the page yourself or start a new discussion about the matter. You may also be able to create new pages for your own projects. There are several ways you can help contribute to wikipedia, by either editing articles, playing media, or creating pages. If you edit an article, you can add new information, make corrections, and even add links to related websites or further resources. If you play media, you can add music, photos, video, and more. These types of contributions will not result in deletion of content you already have on wikipedia, but instead may be considered purely editorial. Editors are therefore encouraged to play nice, and try to level-play. However, if you want to see wikipedia in action, you can do so by viewing the Wikipedia main page. The Wikipedia main page is the first thing that you will see when you visit wikipedia. This is because the content of the main page is primarily what the encyclopedia is all about. The wiki aims to fill in the knowledge gaps left by other encyclopedias such as the World Wide Web encyclopedia and encyclopedias like the New York Times and Harvard University encyclopedia. Even though you may not be an expert on every subject that is listed on the encyclopedia, you can still help shape the information that is placed there.