China’s big blow to America, achieved the tag of being the richest country.

    America, which is recognized as a world power, has been dealt a big blow by its arch rival China. China has overtaken America to become the richest country in the world. The world’s wealth has tripled in the last 20 years. China accounts for one-third of this. According to the research arm of management consultant McKinsey & Company, which tracks the balance sheets of countries around the world, China is the richest country in the world.

    World’s total wealth reached $514 trillion

    The study report said that in the year 2000, the total wealth of the world was $ 156 trillion, which increased to $ 514 trillion in the year 2020. Real estate accounts for 68 percent of the total global wealth and the remaining assets include things like infrastructure, machinery and equipment. Jan Mischke, an associate of the McKinsey Global Institute, told the world that Many countries of the world have become rich rapidly.

    China’s wealth increased by $ 113 trillion

    The most surprising thing in the report is that in the year 2000, China’s total wealth was only $ 7 trillion, which has reached $ 120 trillion with an increase of $ 113 trillion in 20 years. Let us tell you that China was included in the World Trade Organization before the year 2000. It can be estimated from this that how fast China’s economy has grown since then.

    America’s net worth is 90 trillion dollars

    According to the report, the wealth of America, the second-richest country in the world, has also doubled. In the year 2000, the total wealth of America was $ 42 trillion, which has reached 90 news dollars after 20 years i.e. in 2020. According to this, China and America are the two largest economies of the world, but China is continuously beating America in every field. Because of this, America’s sovereignty is in danger.

    10 percent of the people of China and America have the most wealth

    The report said that a large part of the wealth of China and America, which are the world’s richest, is limited to a few wealthy people. In these two rich countries, 10 percent of the population has the most wealth. It has also been mentioned in the report that the number of rich is increasing rapidly in these countries, due to which there is an increasingly large gap between rich and poor countries.

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