Computer Fundamentals Interview Question and Answer

    Basic Computer Fundamentals Interview Question and Answer

    What is a taskbar?

    A bar which is usually at the bottom of Windows shows all the currently running tasks. The Start button is usually on the left side of the taskbar. A clock is usually to the right of the taskbar. The taskbar can be moved to any edge of the screen, and the clock and start buttons can also be removed. Windows users can access the task list by pressing Alt + Tab.

    What is a toolbar?

    The toolbar is a collection of buttons, usually organized by category. Some programs allow you to turn individual toolbars on and off (display or hide them), you can also customize the toolbar to show which buttons and which buttons to hide (or even you can Can also add own buttons). Often, you can also drag the toolbar. Typically, you can turn the toolbar on and off by clicking the “view” menu.

    What is Macro?

    a series of keystrokes and mouse clicks called a single keystroke or mouse click.
    Can be abbreviated to.
    Example: Open Microsoft Word / MS Word -> Go to Tools -> Macro
    Here you can also record Macro.

    What is Map network drive?

    Connecting network drive. By doing this, the drive will appear in My Computer.
    Right click on My Computer -> Map network drive. Here you can choose drive and folder. Now you open My Computer, here you will be able to see your selected drive.

    What is the correct way to uninstall / remove the program from our computer?

    The best approach is to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add remove programs. Find the program you want to remove, click on it and follow the screen directions. You can move the program folder to the recycle bin but it will not remove the program folder completely and it can also cause problems.

    What is Cyber ​​Security

    What is an accelerator key?

    An Accelerator key is a key to the keyboard that allows you to quickly access a menu or function. It is sometimes referred to as hot key, access key, or mnemonic. some examples:
    Key to search: Ctrl + F
    To open the file: Ctrl + O
    To create a new file: Ctrl + N
    To open the file menu: Alt + F

    What is an active window?

    The current window that is being used. The window you are currently working on.
    Example: If you are working on MSPaint then the active window is MSPaint, if you are working on notepad then at that time notepad is the active window.

    What is asynchronous SRAM?

    Asynchronous SRAM (Asynchronous Static Random Access Memory) is a type of memory that stores data using static methods, in which the data remains constant as long as electric power is supplied to the device. This is different from DRAM (Dynamic RAM), which needs to continuously refresh the data stored in memory. These are built using high-performance, high-reliability CMOS technology. went. This technique is combined with innovative circuit design techniques and provides a cost-effective solution to high speed async SRAM memory.

    What is BIOS (Basic Input and Output Software)?

    BIOS is an abbreviation for Basic Input and Output Software. The BIOS is software that controls the most fundamental operations of a computer and the BIOS is necessary to start the computer. Without a BIOS, a computer would not know how to communicate with its hard disk and other devices. The BIOS is stored inside the computer in a ROM (Read-Only Memory) computer chip. Over the years, many computers use Flash EPROM chips, which means that the BIOS chip can be reconnected with the updated BIOS. A BIOS may need to be updated to fix a bug, such as a year 2000 bug, or an update may be required to support the new hardware protocol.


    These were the basic Computer Fundamentals Interview Question and Answer.

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