Computer icons and their types

    When you turn on the computer for the first time, there you see various types of Graphical Icon, by clicking on which you can run various software and programs, today we know about Icon and Shortcut which appears on the desktop – Computer icons and their types – Computer Icons And Their Types

    Beginning of use of icons – History Of Computer Icons

    In the beginning, Icon was not used in Computer, it used to work in Computer Console Mode where only the command given by the keyboard was present. At present the computer does not look like it used to be. Mouse was not used in this Operating Systems were quite different from the operating systems of today, they were based on the Operating System (CUI) i.e. Character User Interface like MS DOS

    But since Graphical User Interface That is, since the GUI Based Operating System came, Icon started being used in them. Microsoft’s first GUI Based Operating System was released in Windows 1.0 1985, after that it was fully used in Window 95, 98 in which you Mouse With the help of Computer Could operate in which there were different Icon for different application software –

    What is an icon

    Icon is a Graphical object that is used in a computer Software, Used to represent Application, Folder, File etc. All these Icon have different functions. Let’s know the different types of computers and about them –

    • System icon
    • Program icon
    • Shortcut icon

    System icon

    Displayed in the Left on the screen of System Icon Desktop which Operating System There are different functions of System Icon done by Automatic Creator. Let’s know about System Icon and their function.

    My Computer Icon

    What is My Computer – My Computer Icon Desktop is given at the top left when you click on it, then Windows Explorer opens in which all the resources related to the computer like Hard Disk Drive In addition to Partition, My Document, Music Folder, Picture Folder, Network Drive, Share Folder are visible.

    In addition, if you have a USB Drive Connect from the computer, a CD or DVD Rom Connect, then it is also visible to you there, since all these are generated by the Icon System, so by doing any type of sparring with them There may be data loss. These Icon should not be deleted or formatted. These Icon are very important Icon.

    What is my document – My Document Icon

    When you click on this Icon, here shows the Save Documents in your computer, By Default on behalf of the system, My Document has been set to save any file.

    What is my network place

    If your computer is any Network If you are connected to it, here you will see the name of each server and computer of your work group. If someone has been connected to the Media Drive Network, then it will also be seen here. Click on the name of the computer, click on it, Shared Folder and Shared Printer Device will also be visible.

    Introduction to HTML 5

    Internet Explorer

    Default Internet Explorer by Microsoft Windows Default currently known as Microsoft Edge Internet Browser Given as you can use for Internet Surfing

    Recycle Bin

    What is a Recycle Bin – A very important Icon created by the Recycle Bin Operating System is when you delete a file or Folder from your computer, the Recycle Bin keeps these Deleted Files and Folders inside. Actually it is kept in Office Paper Basket Looks like

    If you want, the files and folders you delete can be retrieved from the Recycle Bin, for this, you have to click on the Icon of the Recycle Bin and retrieve as many files or Folders. It is restored by right clicking on it. Before emptying the Recycle Bin, make sure that there is no file that you need because the file from the Recycle Bin cannot be retrieved after Folder Delete.

    Shortcut Computer Icon

    Shortcut Icon looks exactly like a normal Icon, but a small Icon is made on the lower right corner which indicates that it is not the original Icon. It is a shortcut. Suppose you have saved a file somewhere in the computer, then it To open you have to go to Drive again and again, but if you create that original file on the Shortcut Desktop

    New folder and its shortcut

    Then all you have to do is click on the desktop shortcut and you will get to that file. It shows the address of the main location of the shortcut file, it is not the original file. Many people consider the shortcut to be the original file and copy and past it. Whether you delete the shortcut or understand that the original file is deleted, but it is not.

    Program, Folder and Document Computer Icon

    Many Basic Program and System Icon File and Folder are created directly on Desktop. There is a small difference in Shortcut and Basic Icon that there is no Arrow below them. By deleting these programs or Folder, the original file will also be deleted. Therefore, before deleting such file and Folder Icon created on Desktop, check once if it is the original file.

    Start Button Computer Icon

    In Microsoft Windows, the Start Button is given with the Windows logo in the Taskbar on which the Start Menu opens on clicking.

    Where all the programs and application displays of the computer are there, as well as the options are given in the Start Menu to Shutdown, Restart and Log Off the Computer, Start Button is also generated from the system.

    Taskbar computer  Icon

    At the very bottom of the desktop, there is a strip called Taskbar, when a program is run, its Icon is visible to us in the Taskbar, as well as minimizing the program, the Icon of the program remains in the Taskbar, by clicking on it Restore can be done, in addition, the Icon of some selected programs can be pinned to the Taskbar so that the program can be run directly from the Taskbar even after the window of other programs is opened.

    Quick Launch bar Icon

    In Taskbar, the right side watch has an Icon set called Quick Launch Icon. This Icon consists of programs that always run in the background in the system, it contains Antivirus Program, Graphics Program, Volume Icon, Network icon etc. The system selects it by itself

    Hope you have understood what are Icons and what are the functions of different types of Icon, what is the difference between Shortcut and Icon and how they work. If you have liked this information, then definitely do it with your friends. Share have a nice day


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