Corona influence badly on Bihar

    Coronavirus & Bihar

    Corona influence badly on Biharbefore knowing the loss of Bihari’s we will know where is Bihar? Because some of you never heard this state’s name.

    Bihar is located in the east of India and third largest state of India.  Important Buddhist pilgrimage sites include the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya’s Mahabodhi Temple, under which the Buddha allegedly meditated.  Bihar is the third most populous state of India with a total population of 104,099,452, nearly 89% of it rural.

    Bihar is a state from where a thousands of migrants workers migrate for employment . Every year around 18.1% people migrate to other metro cities. People migrate because the industrial development is poor in Bihar, neither education and health facility is good.

    Due to this pandemic when lock down was imposed on 21st march 2020. Many migrant workers lost their job because many of them were daily wage worker or salaried person in private limited companies.
    Till the end of April month they were totally out of money and food. Livelihood was now a big problem for them so they started returning back to their villages and home in whatever means of transportation they found some of them used their bicycles and a lot who were returning with their family and children, were pedestrian. Corona influence badly on Bihar.

    Corona influence badly on Bihar

    The opposition leader like “Papu Yadav” came forward at this tough time and sends buses for migrant workers. When the Bihar government sees this type of helping step from opposition parties, then the government body came into action because of fear of losing votes.

    Not only migrant workers were sucked many students who were in Kota for IIT and Medical preparation were homeless and without food.

    In Bihar there are only government hospital for covid that was PMCH (Patna medical college hospital) NMCH (Nalanda medical college hospital) and AIIMS Patna and beds in these hospitals were few and was totally full. There was a viral video in which a  government employe was covid positive and he was not getting admitted in any hospital.

    There was one more viral video in which a covid patient was dead and no one was removing that dead body.
    Later in a report it was found that there were a lot of mistakes  in data and tests. Instead of the phone number of covid positive patient , there were random number  mentioned and only 10 zeros were typed.
    News like supply of fake corona positive report for taking leave also came in highlight.
    Government not helped a lot from there side. Many NGOs workers, helper came forward to supply food and water to travellers who were coming from other states.

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    School van’s drivers were  affected a lot their vans were the only means of earning but due to the closure of schools, many of them sold their vans and many of them were unable to pay the EMI of their vans and their vans are now seized by the bank they are now forced to do work like vegetable vendor, as a servant…..
    Many students were also forced to do work in shops, medical store and other platform. As they were unable to pay fee of school and colleges they were suspended from the online classes.

    We only can pray that the wheel of life gets back on track as soon as possible……



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