Create 25 co-hosts simultaneously in Google Meet!

    Google is bringing several new features to its video conferencing service Google Meet, with which it will be easier for the host to control the meetings.
    With the new update, the host will get the option to add up to 25 co-hosts during the meeting.
    Apart from this, new modernization features and quick access settings have also been updated in Google Meet.
    By the end of August, these features will be available to users in Google Meet.

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    New Features in Google Meet

    • “The new features included in it will not be available to all users.
      The availability of the new controls will depend on whether you’re using it  as a regular user or part of the Google Workspace team.
      With the new update, users will get the option to include up to 25 co-hosts in a meeting.
      These co-hosts will have the option to control the users involved in the meeting.”
    • The meeting host and other co-hosts will be able to decide which users can share their screen during the meeting.
      Similarly, only the host and co-host will be able to decide which users in the meeting can send the message. Apart from this, the host and co-host will get the option to mute all the participants and end the meeting with a single click. It will be decided by them who can be a part of the meeting.
    • There will also be an option to block unknown users from joining the meeting and to give invited users the option to join without making a request. This feature will be rolled out for web and Android on August 16 and for iOS users on August 30.

    How to Download Google Meet App

    The  web app can be downloaded from the Chrome browser.
    Whenever users open Google Meet by going to the web browser, users will be shown a pop-up to download the Google Meet web app on the page.
    Users will also be able to download the app by clicking on this pop-up.
    If you want to be a part of the meeting without opening a browser on a laptop, computer or MacBook, you can download this app.

    Google Meet’s web app also available

    Recently, Google has launched a new standalone app for its Google Meets service.
    All the features of the Google Meet app are available in the web app or progressive web application but it can be used on internet browsers. With the Google Meet app, users will not have to enter the meeting URL and the meeting can be held in a separate app.
    Users can download the app on laptop, desktop and Mac.

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