Cryptocurrency – Indian American siblings are earning more than 26 lakhs per month.

    Earning money in both cryptocurrency or share market requires a lot of mind and hard work as well as patience. There is also a fear of loss of money in both the areas, but the pair of two Indian American siblings has done something that will surprise you. Just seven months ago, two Indian American siblings started investing in cryptocurrencies as a hobby. Today 14-year-old Ishaan and nine-year-old Anya have set a target to spend around $30,000 a month from their earnings for their college studies.

    Ishaan explains that “In February, I heard about the rapid growth of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I really wanted to invest in something. But I didn’t have enough money to buy it. Just decided to buy the equipment and earn instead. And now (after coming this far), I am very proud of it.” At the same time, Anya says that she got the idea about this along with her brother, when he talked to me about this, I tried and then we both started working together.

    When Anya and Ishaan were asked that it is often said that cryptocurrency is not a child’s play, did this scare them too? On this, he said that if you want to learn about it, then there are many tutorial videos in YouTube. You can understand everything from them. We also started in the same way.

    Recalling his old days, Ishaan says that earlier we did not earn anything. We made only three dollars a day. I converted my gaming pc to mining pc. Slowly, as I kept putting my mind in it, I kept getting better at this work. Ishaan told that today he is earning 35 thousand dollars per month and I am really proud of it.

    He said that cryptocurrencies work like any other currency. It works like a dollar. You can also use it to buy stuff. When both of them were asked what they would do with the money earned from cryptocurrency, they said that they want to use it in some good place. Anya said that she wants to go to Cornell University and become a doctor.

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