Cyber ​​Security Threats and Types

    Presently, internet penetration has become so much in our lives that we need to be aware of Cyber ​​Security. Cyber security may also be referred to as information technology security. Thousands of millions of users are cheated on the Internet daily by hackers, in such a situation, you need to know that Cyber ​​Security on the Internet What are the dangers and what are their types and how to avoid them, in this post, we are going to know this.

    What is spoofing

    This is a way in which the attacker makes unauthorized access to your computer or server.In this, the attacker sends a message to the computer network and you feel that someone has sent a message, in which the attacker changes the IP address. DDOS is a full form for attack. Distributed Denial of Service Attack. It is such an attack on a website or server in the Internet world, which causes a website to be down or closed.

    Here, when an attacker hacks a website, he operates or closes that website according to his choice, then if a user wants to reach that website, then that site shows all these functions unavailable. This is not done by Hacker, for this, there are a whole team that performs DDOS Attack together, in which the attacker sends a lot of spoofed IP address to the server or computer, which brings a lot of traffic to the computer which your computer can handle. In Spoofing, the attacker sends a mail to you which looks exactly like an email and a link is given in it, as soon as you click on that link, Virus comes to your computer or server.

    Checkbox control in an ASP.NET | Computer Hindi Notes

    What is hacking

    Nowadays the Demand of Computer and Smartphones has increased so much that people cannot do their work without using them, whether you work in a company or you have a business, you need both of these things and we must aware along with guidance of Cyber ​​Security. You heard about Cybercrime This will be a crime in which hackers steal important information and their personal files from other people’s computers or smartphones, and blackmail them by demanding money or they can also put your personal information on the internet, Hacker can hack the person. Say and he has a lot of knowledge about computers

    In Hacking, Hacker looks for any entry point in the computer from where they can enter into the computer. The purpose of Hacking is done to damage a computer or to remove specific information from the computer, we can see Hackers in two ways. There are some Hackers who do Hacking for good work and there is no harm to them, we call them White Hat Hacker and some Hackers are those who use Hacking to harass others or their required files in their system. To steal from them is called Black Hat Hacker

    What is cracking

    Cracking is a technique used to break computer software or eliminate the system altogether. It is very similar to hacking. Cracking is a very big crime. You can understand the crackers in the same way as stealing in the bank. To break the locks the same way Cracker also cracks computer programs and accounts. There are two types of password cracking:- “software cracking”, “network cracking”, cracking is done for those software’s that we either store Buy from or buy online Hacker breaks the codes of those software and activates these software through Illegal without making payment, these software is also called Pirated Software.

    What is phishing

    The name of Phishing itself shows that just like you are talking about catching fish in the pond, just as the fish is caught by putting something in the pond, in the same way a mail, or message is sent to you in the computer, so that a Hacker will be Or to remove your information from a smartphone, Phishing is a cybercrime in which obtaining information about your important information like banking, credit / debit card details, password etc. is called Phishing.

    In this, you are called or messaged by a bank or by a legitimate organization but they do not really come from them. They are Fake. Phishing is a type of social engineering attack which is often used to steal user’s data. Phishers use social media sites and emails to get someone’s information and from here they extract your personal details such as your name, history of work, about your hobbies, there are five types of Phishing –

    1. Spear Phishing,
    2. Whaling Attack,
    3. Pharming Attacks,
    4. Voice Phishing
    5. SMS Phishing

    What is spam

    With the increasing use of computers and mobile devices, more things are heard, if you use these devices or you have an email account, then you must have heard the word Spam. The word Spam means any unwanted e-mails. The Receiver does not even know where the E-mails come from and where they have come from and who sent them, although E-mails are used to give the necessary information, but some attackers use it to harass others. We tend to call Spam those unwanted Mails who come to you

    Nowadays, the arrival of Spams is common and email companies have set up Antispam Program for Security Purpose so that no such mail can be sent to you and even if they come, then a separate Folder is created in the name of Spam. Spammer sends it is called Spammer. Because of Spam Mails, there are many Frauds nowadays. Some people have made it their source of income. They send wrong mail to people and take their personal information if your system is working properly. So it should be understood that the number of spams in your account is less, the only way to prevent spams from entering your system is to change your password frequently or keep it so that no one can hack it. Adopt new innovative technology to enter into

    What is adware

    Adware is a software package, which displays any advertisements on the screen automatically, it is completely free software, when you are doing some work, with the help of adware, you can go to a website with Adware. An Internet Connection is required to run. Before installing Adware in your computer, it should be checked whether it is from a good company or not, because some Adware acts as spyware that can send information of your computer to the Internet. Send it to another computer

    Adware reduces the speed of the computer. If your computer is slow to run, then your computer may have Adware. The reason for making people’s adware is to make money or steal your personal details from your computer and a third person. There are some software’s that can help you catch Adware in your computer or prevent them from coming in. Most of the Adware are safe but some are so dangerous that they can be installed on your computer. Can steal your information

    What is rootkit

    Rootkits are usually used to do wrong work, it creates a place in the computer where the software is not usually there, the user is not even aware that sometimes it takes the shape and form of any other software. And hide themselves when you install a software, then it gets installed in your computer with that software and the user does not even know when Rootkit is installed on your computer, then all the control on your computer Attacker becomes that he can remove any of your Personnel information from your computer and can blackmail you. Rootkit Virus are not easily caught by Anti Virus Software. They need Rootkit Scanner to detect them.

    If Rootkit is installed on your computer, then either you have to install your operating system completely, so that all the information about your computer is lost, if your computer has Rootkit, then it turns off your Antimalware Protection and if If your computer’s Windows settings are being changed automatically, it is also due to Rootkit Infection, it is made in such a way that it is not easy to catch and remove it, either to catch and remove it, you need to either Had to be fully installed or other such software comes with the help of which you can detect them.

    Is Cyber ​​Security a good career?

    According to KPMG, the annual compensation for Cyber ​​Security heads ranges from 2 Cr to 4 Cr annually. The industry also reports a satisfaction level of 68%, Cyber ​​Security mentally and financially satisfying career for most.



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