Cybercriminals hacked US security agency’s email system.

    Hackers hacked the email system of US security agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently. During this cybercrime, hackers sent thousands of emails from FBI email accounts, according to the Spamhaus project, which tracks spam and cyber threats. These emails warn of possible cyber attacks. The FBI said, “It is aware of this matter, along with cybersecurity and infrastructure security.”

    The FBI only said that the agency was aware of a case in which emails were sent using a fake email account. “This is a current situation and we cannot provide further details at this time,” the agency said in a statement. It is not clear at this time how much damage the hackers have caused or used the agency’s email system.

    According to Austin Burglas, head of professional services at cybersecurity company BlueVint, the FBI has multiple email systems. Austin says the hacked email system appears to be public-facing and that the company’s agents and employees have been using it to send public emails. He said the agency uses a different emails system to share confidential information.


    Denial of any major damage

    Austin, a former assistant special agent for the FBI’s New York Office Cyber ​​Branch, believes no damage has been done to the “agency’s classifieds system.” “Accounts and systems that have been damaged by hackers have been used by the agency to share and communicate unclassified and public information,” he said. The attacks began late Saturday and reached more than a million mailboxes sent by the hackers.

    The subject line of the email sent by the hackers read ‘Urgent: Threat actors in systems’. The message taken with it has been signed by the US Department of Homeland Security and warns of the danger associated with cybercrime. The email message also mentions Vinnie Troia, a cyber security expert who investigated hacking group The Dark Overload last year.

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