Digital Health Card: Make your card from mobile in just two minutes.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently started Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to give health rights to the people of the country. Under this mission, citizens of the country will get a digital health card. It is claimed that this will give great relief to poor and middle class families. Along with this, there will be no need to roam all the time in the hospital from making slips to test reports etc. All the slips will be digitally saved on a server which can be accessed through a unique number of the digital health card. A major advantage of it will be that the history of all diseases and treatment will be available at a single click. Let us know how you can get your digital health card made and what are its benefits?

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    What is Digital Health Card?

    Let us tell you simply that a digital health card is a card in which complete information about your diseases history and prescription will be available digitally. Just as complete information related to your identity like address name, father’s name etc. is available in digital form in Aadhar card, similarly digital health card will also have complete information related to your health. The way you keep your Aadhar card with you, in the same way you will be able to keep your digital health card with you.

    The  card will be like a unique ID card that will contain all the information related to your illness, treatment and medical tests. On this card you will get a 14 digit number and from this number the medical history of a patient will be known. Hospitals and doctors will be connected to a central server to keep the patient’s medical history in this card. There will be a registration for this. You will also be able to upload your data on the ‘NDHM Health Records App’. This app will have a list of all hospitals and clinics.

    What are the benefits?

    The biggest advantage of a digital card is that you do not need to carry old doctor’s prescriptions and test reports with you. Apart from this, you do not need to worry even if you have lost any test report or any slip. Even if you do not have the old test report, you will not have to take the test again. In this way both time and money will be saved. Even after getting treatment in any corner of the country, the doctor will be able to know about your past health related problems with the unique ID number.

    How to make a digital health  id card?

    You can make card online yourself with the help of mobile number or Aadhar card or you can get it done by visiting any common service center or cyber cafe. If you want to make it yourself, then do it OK by typing in your mobile browser. Now you will see a title on this website with the name “Health ID”. By clicking on it, you can read the terms of the card and get the card made.

    • After visiting the website, click on the ‘Create Health ID’ option.
    • To generate the card, choose the option either Aadhar or Mobile Number.
    • An OTP will be received on entering Aadhar number or phone number.
    • You have to verify it by filling the OTP.
    • Now a form will open in front of you in which you will have to give some more information including a photo, date of birth and address for your profile.
    • After giving all the information, your card will be ready which you will be able to download.
    • This card will also have a QR code.

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