Find bug in Twitter algorithm, will get a reward of more than Rs 2.5 lakh

    The bug bounty program has been announced by microblogging platform Twitter.
    Normally bug bounty hunters are rewarded for spotting flaws and flaws in the Twitter software, but in this program they have to do something different.
    The new program aims to inform bug bounty hunters of deficiencies in Twitter’s image-cropping algorithm.
    This is the reason why the reward of the new program has also been kept higher than the normal bounty.

    The shortcomings of the existing algorithm will be overcome

    Normally, thousands of rupees are rewarded for those who find flaws in the bug bounty program, but in the new program, Twitter will give a reward of $ 3,500 (about Rs 2.6 lakh).
    A few months ago, in April, the microblogging platform reported that it was causing “unintentional harm” due to algorithms developed by it, which would be studied and started with image-cropping.

    This is how the algorithm works

    The image cropping algorithm was rolled out by Twitter in the year 2018.
    Its purpose was to focus on the most important part of an image and show it in preview.
    However, this algorithm didn’t work as well as Twitter expected it to.
    After this, users and trolls also expressed displeasure about Twitter’s algorithm.
    The company has promised to improve it to the users.

    This problem is due to the fault of the algorithm

    Twitter has found that the algorithm focuses on the subject of light skin appearing in a photo.
    It was alleged that this algorithm does not treat photos of users living in different countries alike and promotes racism.
    Apart from this, it was accused of promoting ‘male gauge’ due to cropping of women’s chests and legs.
    Many users complained that the wrong part of their image was cropped.

    Winners will be announced on August 8

    The registrations for the bug bounty program have opened and the winners will be announced on August 8th.
    The first prize has been kept for $ 3,500 (about Rs 2.6 lakh).
    The second and third position winners will get 1000 (approximately Rs 74,000) and 500 (approximately Rs 37,000).
    The most innovative and most generalizable entry will also get a prize of $ 1000 (approximately Rs 74,000).
    Let us tell you, the last date for registration in the program has been kept on 6 August.


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