Former Woodstock site in Upstate NY could see major changes, new development

    SAUGERTIES, N.Y. — Town Board members have adopted the Winston Farm scoping document that will be used by developers to prepare a draft for a zoning change.

    Following the unanimous approval on Wednesday, Supervisor Fred Costello said the document will not reflect projects proposed for the 840-acre property, but will set the stage for development in the future at the site of the Woodstock ‘94 music festival.

    “This is just a step to get us to a more productive place,” he said.

    “This whole first part is literally just going to be considering the zoning change,” Costello said. “If we adopt the zoning change then whatever projects we enable are themselves going to be subject to the Planning Board.”

    Current zoning for the 11-parcel site includes a section along state Route 32 in the General Business District, interior areas designated Moderate Density Residential, and an area fronting Old Route 212 designated Hamlet Residential.

    Additional current zoning includes having Winston Farm in the Aquifer Protection Overlay, Gateway Overlay, and Sensitive Area Overlay districts.

    In the scoping document, developers wrote that a Planned Development District would “divide the site into subareas (that) prescribe a range of allowable uses and limits on the residential density and /or non-residential floor area for each subarea.”

    No information in the scoping document provided details or specifics of future projects. However, in a “concept” plan released last year, developers provided a map showing the potential for Winston Farm to have 14 estate parcels, 76 single-family homes, a village area with 57 single-family units, 13 cabins, a commercial area, a boutique hotel, a hotel with a water park, an amphitheater with an events center and campgrounds.

    Developers in the scoping document wrote that the concept should be considered an “illustrative non-binding” document. They added that advantages of the Planned Development District would allow “flexible standards” for the amount, location and design of parking and loading facilities; landscaping, lighting and street furnishings, design and layout of streets, facilities for bicycles and pedestrians; the architectural appearance of buildings; and for accessory structures, open space, signs, solar energy facilities and wireless communications.

    The new designation would also allow Winston Farm to be exempt “from existing town zoning controls” except those governing procedures and contents of site plan, subdivision, and special permit approvals, procedures for granting area variances, procedures for amending zoning, administrative procedures and enforcement.

    Costello said there is no time limit on how quickly developers must complete the studies that are required under the scoping document.

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