Google Maps new widget, users will be able to start navigation from the home screen.

    A new widget for Google’s popular navigation app Google Maps has been included on the Android platform. This widget will give users the option to easily start navigation from the homescreen without having to open the app. With the new update, the company has brought new widgets not only for Google Maps, but also for other Google apps such as YouTube Music, Google Keep, Calculator and Clock, to make the work of the users easier.

    The search widget found in Google Maps will support dynamic theming and colors for devices running the Android 12 operating system. That is, the color of the wallpaper in the user’s device, the system theme and this widget will also automatically appear in the same color shades. On the other hand, if you’re using the Android 11 operating system, the new Maps widget will appear in blue accent colors, just like other Google widgets currently see.

    Easy work without opening the app

    The latest widget has been made part of Google Maps version 11.3. With the new Google Maps widget, the search function will be done and you will not have to open the Google Maps app every time. With the first widget, one can easily search for nearby restaurants, while the second one will be able to find the traffic situation nearby. It is clear that the functions that users use more will be found in the widgets.

    Google Maps will help in saving fuel

    Some new features are being included in the popular navigation service of it, which will help in reducing carbon emissions. These include eco-friendly routing, light navigation for cyclists and bike and scooter information sharing. With eco-friendly routing, its users will be shown routes that will cost less fuel. Users will be shown both the eco-friendly route and the shortest route, from which they will be able to choose a route.

    New feature for cyclists

    Light navigation in Maps has been specially brought for cyclists. This feature will help them during navigation and they will not have to take the help of the app every time they turn. In this way with light navigation, they will be able to focus on the road instead of the mobile screen. This feature will show real-time information like trip progress and ETA updates. It will soon be made a part of the mobile app and can be selected while viewing the directions.

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