Google’s Password Checkup Tool .

    Every user using the Internet is constantly at risk of hacking. The passwords of the accounts that the users use act as a kind of key. Hackers try to find out this password and harm the users by breaking into the account. A strong password determines how secure an account will be and Google’s Password Checkup tool can help you with this.

    From social media accounts to e-retail accounts, the use of strong passwords is essential to protect against hackers and attackers. In the year 2019, Google came up with a Google Chrome extension named Password Checkup, which warned users about third-party logins. Now this extension has been discontinued and its integration has been done in the online password manager. Users can now check whether their password is secure or not by going to the password manager.

    When users go to, they see the Password Manager page and the password checkup tool is found in it. If you are logging into one of your accounts in Chrome, this tool will alert you in case of password leak. This tool will tell you that the password you are using has already been leaked and should be changed immediately. In this way users will get information about account being hacked.

    This is how Password Checkup Tool works

    Google has said that in order to check the login details of users, Chrome first encrypts the username and password. The encrypted details are then sent to Google to match the leaked data. If Chrome finds the password or username in the encrypted data set, the user is warned and asked to change the password. Using numbers and special characters in the password makes it strong.

    Google’s new tool works automatically but users get the option of manual checkup of saved passwords. After going to Google Password Checkup Tool, you get the option of Password Check. After this the password data will be shown after login to the Google account. When the password is week, its status will be shown in front and after changing the password, this status will also change.

    Google has also given a feature related to password protecting the ‘Web and Activity’ page of users. The Web and Activity page shows what users have done on Google’s services. With the new feature, users will be asked for a password every time they open the activity page. Users can set a password for their account after visiting this website. To do so they have to click on the ‘Manage My Activity’ verification link.

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