Have you seen ‘cosmic ghosts’ dancing in the universe?

    Scientists from Western Sydney University and CSIRO have released such a picture, which you will be surprised to see. It is being named ‘cosmic ghosts’ because, looking at this picture, it seems like something, but the truth is something else.

    Actually, scientists have named the clouds as dancing ghosts because, this shape looks like two ghosts are dancing. This discovery is included in some of those things and incidents from which scientists have removed the curtain in their recent deep search.

    Scientists have first discovered these ‘Dancing Ghosts’ in the universe in Deep Sky Search. This first deep sky search was done through CSIRO’s telescope Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP).

    According to scientists, the wind of two active supermassive black holes has created such a situation. Their distance is as much as billions of light years. Seeing this, there is an illusion like dancing ‘cosmic ghosts’. These have been named PKS 2130-538. Although there is no detailed information about them.


    Ghosts’ and two galaxies, which are believed to be responsible for its creation. They were seen earlier also, but not much detail could be gathered about them.

    It was claimed that the findings of this discovery have been accepted for publication by the Australian Astronomical Society’s publications. Scientists say that it has been made available only after a lot of intensive research.

    Ray Norris, the lead author of the study from Western Sydney University and CSIRO, said it was a surprise for the entire EMU team. Active supermassive black holes in the core of the Galaxy are the most prevalent radio sources.

    This is because, the material is channeled around the perimeter of the event horizon through magnetic field lines and blasts off the poles as radio-loud jets. It seems that black holes consume stuff.

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