Hot Air Balloon : Who Invented Hot Air Balloon?

    The Hot Air Balloon is considered to be the first flight in the world. Human beings always used to hope that after seeing the birds, we too could fly in the air.

    The balloon flight does not travel many thousands of kilometres but people had a guess that humans can also travel in air.

    History Of Hot air balloon

    Sky lantern was built in China in 220 CE long before the invention of the balloon. Which was used to give signals to each other in the military.

    The invention: Who Invented Hot Air Balloon?

    The air balloon was invented in 1783 by the two brothers named Joseph Montgolfier and Jacques Atienne Montgolfier (Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier). The first time the balloon was blown, no one had traveled in it.

    After flying 1000 meters above, it traveled 2 kilometres and crashed after going to the fields.

    Story of Innovation

    The brothers Joseph and Jacques had a paper factory where they made the paper. Of the two brothers, Joseph had an interest in aeronautics. From the beginning Joseph understood that the smoke from the fire is carried up the balloon.

    By using straw, more and more smoke was started filling the balloon, after some experimentation, it was found that the balloon is not flying due to the smoke.

    Then one day Joseph saw that the fire is burning under him and clothes are drying right on top of it. When the hot air from the fire started touching the clothes, some clothes were blowing like a balloon.

    From this perspective, he came to know that he came to know that to blow the balloon, it is not the need of smoke, but of hot air.

    How does a hot balloon work?

    The balloon blows due to hot air because hot air is very light. The larger the size of the balloon, the warmer the air, the more weight it can hold in the balloon.

    These are the essential things used in air balloon.

    1. Parachute Valve

    2. Gores

    3. Panels

    4. Skirt

    5. Propane Tanks

    6. Burners

    7. Envelope

    The parachute valve is in the upper part of the balloon. Due to this, the hot air helps in going out, due to which the balloon gets help in moving in the up or down direction.

    We call the entire balloon an envelope, this envelope is covered with gorse and panels.

    The skirt helps the balloon not to burn. Burners heat the air and send the balloon inside.

    Time line

    1.September 1783 was first tested in air balloon by sending animals like goat, rooster, talker.

    2. October 1783 A man named Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier traveled for the first time in  air balloon.

    3. Initially, the balloon was tied with a rasti, the balloon was able to fly as much as the length of the rasti, but later the balloon was flown without the rasti.

    Flights and drones have been built after seeing the hot air balloon.

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