How Much Does invisalign Cost?

    When you are considering how much does invisalign cost, there are several factors to consider. The procedure is a new and somewhat revolutionary approach to straightening the teeth and can be quite effective. However, the cost of invisalign treatments can be steep, and depending on where you go to get your treatment, there can be a high price tag to pay. It is definitely worth investigating whether or not your insurance company will cover the cost of invisalign treatment, because in many cases, it is covered. You should also research the many different companies that offer this type of service to find the best one.

    Cost for Invisalign Procedure:

    The price range of how much does invisalign cost will depend on several different factors. One of these factors is the amount of work that is involved in the process. If you simply have a few chips or other types of mild discoloration in your teeth, you may not see much of a difference from the lowest price range up to the highest price range. The lower price range is generally for those patients who have severe tooth misalignment. Invisalign is only recommended for patients with minor tooth misalignment, because of the difficulty in getting this treatment done while wearing braces. The extreme cases are often referred to orthodontists, who perform the braces in a more effective way to correct the problem.

    How it Is Performed ?

    Invisalign treatments are generally performed by specially trained Invisalign specialists. These specialists are equipped with specially fitted clear and removable aligners, which they use to press down on the teeth of the patient while the Invisalign specialists position and remover the aligners. Once these aligners are installed, the patient must wear them at all times and remove them for eating, drinking, and speaking. This can be very inconvenient for a patient who is already self-conscious about his or her appearance.

    The other factor that affects how much does invisalign cost is the number of aligners used. There are two methods used to install aligners, either using metal clips or traditional Invisalign trays. While metal clips require additional tools and skills to install, the Invisalign trays are easier for most people to install, and typically cost less than $200. If you choose to get aligners with metal clips as opposed to traditional aligner trays, however, you will need to choose which type of metal clips is best for your situation.

    how much does invisalign cost

    An important question to ask when asking how much does invisalign cost is how many clear aligners will be needed. Most insurance plans cover the cost of invisalign treatments if the cost is greater than what is listed in your policy as a deductible. However, it’s important to understand that not all policies have this provision, so you should always check with your insurance agent. Generally, however, most insurance companies do cover the cost of invisalign treatment if the policy states that they are designed to be used in conjunction with metal braces or Invisalign traditional.

    If you choose to receive invisalign treatment using clear aligners, then your dentist will remove the old aligners and glue the new aligners into place. To make sure that the aligners stay put, your dentist will drill tiny holes into your tooth before putting the aligners in place. This is where things get a little tricky. Because the aligners will be stuck in your teeth, your dentist may not be able to drill enough holes to keep them in place.

    If you choose to get Invisalign as a cheaper alternative to standard braces, then you may still need to visit your dentist for adjustments to your teeth. Unlike conventional braces, It uses clear, removable trays instead of metal brackets. The trays are fitted over your teeth, and while you wear the trays, you’ll be required to keep them within the trays by using a metal clip to keep them on the teeth – a process called “bracing.”

    Overall, the cost of Invisalign treatment can vary greatly depending on your location and the number of visits that you require. Due to the variation in the cost of the treatment itself, many patients don’t feel comfortable estimating their invisalign cost. However, many patients find that the cost is well worth the improved appearance and comfort that treatment offers.


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