How to become a computer operator

    Currently there are many available in the job market regarding computer, nowadays computer is used in every field, if you want to become a computer operator, then this information can be very useful for you. We are going to tell you what a Computer Operator is and how you can become a Computer Operator.

    First of all understand what is the work of Computer Operator

    The main job of a Computer Operator is to do a Computer Operator and to do data entry as per the job  i.e. all the work related to Computer in the Office that you are working in. Done by computer operator only.

    What is computer virus?

    What should the computer operator come to

    • The most important function of it is to do Data Entry, due to which it is also called Data Entry Operator, for which you must have basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet.
    • If you are applying for a Computer Operator in an office where work is done in Hindi, then you must also have knowledge of Hindi Typing so that there is no problem while entering Hindi letter or data entry.
    • In addition to Data Entry and Hindi Typing, you should come to Sending Email, Receiving Email, Scanning a Document by Scanner, Creating a PDF File, Uploading it to the Internet, Page Setup of Document and Extracting Printout only if you are a Computer Operator or Data Entry Be able to function properly as an operator

    Educational Qualification and Age Limit

    Depending on which department you are applying for the post of Data Entry Operator, what is the minimum educational qualification that you have, in order to become a Data Entry Operator, it is necessary to have a minimum educational qualification Intermediate. Type: In most of the departments, the age limit of Data Entry Operator has been kept 18 to 30 years, this can also change as per government rules for reserved classes.

    How much is a computer operator’s salary

    Job  is in both Private and Government Sectors and according to them their Salary is also determined as well as on the basis of Computer Operator’s Qualification and Experience, Salary is also determined if you are completely new then in Private Sector you will get 8000 Salary can be available from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 10,000, apart from Rs. 10000 to 20000 Salary can be available in Government Sector.

    How to become a computer operator / data entry operator

    To become a Computer Operator / Data Entry Operator, you must first increase your computer knowledge, you will have to learn what are the ways of entering data in Microsoft Excel, how to prepare a letter in Microsoft Word, along with your Hindi and English Typing skill will also be improved only then you will be able to become a successful Computer Operator / Data Entry Operator, for this you can learn how to work in Word, Excel and how Data Entry is done in an Office by watching the complete video below. Go and what are those important tricks and tips to do data entry that you should come –

    How to do Computer Course

    There are many ways to do Computer Course. If you are preparing for a government job then you should do Basic Computer Course (National Computer Course) done by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (nielit). To do these Courses, you should (nielit ) To fill the form from any center created by

    If you want, you can do any course by visiting the center, and if you want, you can prepare for the course at home, in both the cases, the certificate is made at the center created by the (nielit) in many government jobs. Is recognized

    If you want to develop your skills then you can do the Online Computer Course, for which you can learn the Basic Computer by reading the video tutorial and online notes.


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