How to become an IT Professional?

    The IT sector is said to be the fastest growing and dynamic industry in the world. Computer has become an essential part of everyone’s life and is being used in almost every field, such as education, communication, business, entertainment, medicine, defence, etc. Use of information technology to develop marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and businessmen, accounting software for financial institutions, for efficient communication, resource management (resource management) as well as in the development of tools for agriculture, defence, medicine, engineering, etc. Any person associated with the computer world in any form can be called an IT professional.

    IT Professional – In-demand Jobs

    • This area deals with PC related technical support, laptop repair, and maintenance, installation and setup, configuration etc.
    • Networking :- Here the professionals establish the network and take care of the efficient functioning of these network systems.
    • Internet and Website Designing:- Professionals here design, develop and maintain websites and web pages.
    • Programming :- Experts here develop and design programs for different areas such as operating systems, games and word processors.
    • in database creationThe experts here develop and design different types of database software.
    • Software development In, here the experts develop software to manage various things like production, resources, finances etc.

    One can learn these skills either by joining vocational courses or through on-the-job training and experience, but only by learning these skills and getting certification, one can make a difference in this field. There is no guarantee of success and prosperity. Success in this field depends on a lot of other things as well, like taking the right career decision- which technical field one should specialize in, which IT profession is suitable for one’s personality, which course , training program and certification will be beneficial for what kind of career challenges will be faced while choosing a particular field, which company to work for and how to plan your career etc.
    Also, to get into this field one must analyze himself whether he/she is suitable for a career in the IT professional industry. He should enter this field only if he possesses the following qualities.

    Qualities required to become a successful IT Professional

    1. The world of IT professionals is huge, IT professional tools require constant research, trial and error to reach a particular solution. That’s why IT professionals need to be patient with the people and equipment they work with. Before arriving at any conclusion one should analyze the problem thoroughly and avoid hasty decisions and decisions.
    2. IT Professionals must have good communication skills. IT professionals need to be understandable, simple and clear when communicating with a wide variety of audiences. Must have knowledge and experience of handling different types of people with different communication strategies.
    3. There are constant changes and new developments taking place in the field of IT professional definition. An IT professional must have a willingness to learn about new technologies, software, programs. He should keep himself up to date.
    4. An IT professional must be able to handle multiple tasks at once, for example, if he is repairing a computer, he may have to take care of both hardware and software problems.
    5. An IT professional should have problem-solving skills. Sometimes, especially in networking, software and program development, one may face problems that have never been encountered before. They have to use their own problem-solving principles and technical knowledge when it comes to such problems.
    6. The most important thing that an IT professional should have is that an IT professional should be passionate about his work, he should enjoy his work, and he should know as much about his field as possible. Must be ready to know

    Important things for IT Professionals

    IT Professionals have to keep in mind that the IT industry keeps on changing with the changes in the clients and customers requirements. So technical professionals need to keep themselves updated with the latest IT professionals, new developments and technology versions. Apart from books, magazines, software and training programs organized by various institutes and renowned experts in this field, internet is one of the best tools to enhance the skills and knowledge of any individual. What is suitable for a person, it has to be decided by that person himself keeping in view his circumstances and circumstances.

    In today’s competitive world, the role of an IT professional is very important. Qualified, competent and knowledgeable professionals are required in every field. Nowadays, IT or information system (IS) is widely used in various fields, such as production, communication, defence, banking, business etc.

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    Along with all the technical know-how, a successful technical professional also needs to know the skills of the people. What we mean by people skills, communicating with people through IT professional tools is a kind of art. How and what to talk to a variety of audiences, how to present yourself, and explain where the problem is and how to solve it. For example, when talking to non-technical people, you have to be simple about your understanding and approach as it will be difficult for them to understand technical terms, for example, if you are an entrepreneur. You need to explain how a particular software will work and assist in production, sales or marketing functions.

    But while dealing with a technical person, you need to know the technicalities of the program or software. Good communication skills help in developing long-term and healthy client relations. To become a successful and efficient IT professional, one must give importance to time. In the IT sector, one needs to do many tasks quickly, so time management is very important. The best way to do this is to make a priority list of all the tasks that you need to do, this list should also detail the estimated time taken to complete each task, this will help you plan your day better . In other words, one must be an efficient organizer and manager.

    Another quality that a good technical professional should possess is a professional attitude and nature.

    • First impression is the last impression, so you should dress smartly, if your employees or customers like the dress code, then you follow the dress code.
    • Secondly, be punctual in whatever you do. Arrive on time or a little early at the office or for a meeting with a client. Finish your work before the deadline. This will show that you are dedicated to your work and take your work seriously.
    • Third, follow your working hours assigned by your employee, for example, if your office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, reach office before 10 pm and leave after 6 pm.

    If for some reason you have not been able to complete a task and it is urgent, then take some more time and finish the work, do not leave it pending. This will give an impression that you are dedicated towards your work and putting in all your efforts. Another important aspect is your communication skills. You should be respectful to your co-workers and employers when negotiating. You should avoid any kind of negative attitude, words and language while interacting with your colleagues and customers. Personal and professional, time and work should not be mixed. Avoid personal conversations during work, try not to use office phones and devices like desktop etc. for personal work. Don’t use your office working hours to accomplish personal tasks.

    Successful and Professional Tech Professional

    A successful and proficient tech professional has its own values ​​and set principles, their professionalism and high technical knowledge, skills and does not end with acquiring a huge salary package, but It also dedicates their duties and responsibility towards the society. These professionals use their skills and knowledge for the welfare of the society and bring about positive, fruitful changes in the world. People who are involved in anti-social activities like hacking, are involved in fraud by developing fraud software, developers of programs to cheat people and website or virus developers cannot be called IT professionals as they cannot use their skills and knowledge to other people. To harm people.

    The need for trained, skilled IT professionals is also increasing day by day. To be successful in this field a person needs to have the right kind of attitude, aptitude, traits, aptitude, certification and training. In addition, one needs to possess certain innate skills such as good communication, dedication to learning, problem solving ability and quality of decision making, a sense of passion towards the field and its work. He should have the right attitude and attitude towards his work.

    A successful tech professional is proficient in almost all fields, must handle multiple tasks at a time, be a quick learner, and have a positive mindset. He should be able to accept every challenge that comes his way. And one must be prepared to solve these problems efficiently and quickly. If he does not have enough knowledge about a particular problem, he should be ready to find solutions from other sources. He must have excellent communication skills to represent himself and his work.

    The IT professional should be able to develop long and positive relationships with his clients and colleagues to enable him to develop a respectable position in the organisation. He should have excellent time management qualities, should be punctual and should be a good manager, organizer and planner. He should be able to complete his work efficiently within the time limit. A successful tech professional is one who works with set values ​​and principles. Works for the welfare of the society with positive thinking for the benefit of humanity. His work should be for the progress of mankind and not for harm or destruction. He should have a strong professional ethics.


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