How to check idea company balance, data balance, recharge history?

    How to check idea company balance quickly in a variety of situations? Most users don’t want to download each operator’s app, and they also don’t want to memorise USSD numbers to check their balance, so let’s look at some different ways to check Idea company balance, validity, and offers below.

    About idea company

    Idea Cellular is one of India’s top three mobile operators and is owned by the Aditya Birla Group. It operates throughout the country. If you’re an Idea company prepaid customer, you’ve noticed a place where you can check your account balance, data balance, and Minutes, as well as activate or deactivate your service. You may need to check out the exact operator’s USSD code in this scenario. The idea companny is India’s largest telecom network. In rural and urban locations, it offers 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile services. You’ll learn how to check Idea  company Balance, Validity, Transfer Balance, Offers, and more in this article, so you won’t have to go looking for information elsewhere.

    How to Assess the Balance and Validity of Ideas in 2021

    There are a variety of ways to look for an idea in 2021 USSD Codes (Idea Balance, Net Check & Etc). These strategies are simple to follow and comprehend, and they may assist you in determining how to verify the balance in Idea Sim. Let’s get started with all of the Idea Balance Check approaches for all of our consumers’ needs. First, we’ll go over all of the USSD Codes that may be required to verify Idea USSD Codes 2021. (Idea Balance Check, Validity, Etc)

    Method 1

    USSD Codes For Idea Balance check

    USSD codes are unstructured supplemental service data that starts with a * and ends with a #. Users of Idea can use these USSD codes to verify their net balance and balance. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used Idea USSD codes for checking Idea customer balances, which will not only assist you in checking Idea balances but also in figuring out how to check Idea balances.

    For prepaid users

    *199# Idea validity check
    *199*3# Manage account
    *199*3*1# VAS activation
    *199*3*2# VAS Deactivation
    *199*3*3# Change song
    *199*3*4# Update email
    *199*3*5# Chhota credit
    *199*3*5*1 Buy Chhota credit
    *199*3*5*2# Chhota credit history
    *199*3*6# PUK no.
    *199*1# Best Fit offers
    *199*2# Idea balance check and usage
    *199*2*2# Idea balance check (Main and secondary)
    *199*2*2*1# Idea data balance
    *199*2*2*2# Idea daily data balance
    *199*2*2*3# Data notification start
    *199*2*2*4# Data notification stop
    *199*2*3# Last 3 calls and message history
    *199*2*4# VAS deductions (Last 3 days )
    *199*2*5# Last 3 recharge history
    *199*4# Go Digital
    *199*4*1# Install VI app
    *199*4*2# Download VIC (on WhatsApp)
    *199*4*3# Caller tune app
    *199*4*4# Vi movies and tv app
    *199*6*3# quick help
    *199*6*2# Check 4G status
    *199*6*3# Find VI store
    *199*6# Other details
    *199*5# Recharge
    *199*5*1# Enter MRP
    *199*5*2# Unlimited packs
    *199*5*3# combo packs
    *199*5*4# Data packs
    *199*5*5# International roaming packs

    For Postpaid users

    *199*6# Other details
    *199*6*1# Find vi store
    *199*6*2# Check 4G status
    *199*6*3# quick help
    *199*1# Best plans
    *199*2# My tariff
    *199*2*1# My plan/ Activate new plan
    *199*2*1*1# My plan
    *199*2*1*2# Activate new plan
    *199*2*2# net balance check
    *199*2*2*1# Total data check
    *199*2*2*2# Daily data consumption
    *199*2*2*3# Data notification start
    *199*2*2*4# Data notification stop
    *199*2*3# Get a data plan
    *199*2*3*1# Get packs
    *199*2*3*2# Get international roaming offers
    *199*3# Billing details

    Method 2

    Via My idea app

    You may check your Talktime, validity, and Idea net balance with the My Idea App. The steps for checking Idea’s net balance, Talktime, and other offers using the app are outlined below. The principal balance of the Idea can be viewed via the My Idea App.

    To find out right now, complete the procedures outlined below.

    1. you can get the My Idea App from the play store.
    2. Enter the number of the idea you’re working on. Use your OTP to log in.
    3. To check your balance, go to the main balance option.
    4. You can use the app with numerous accounts.

    Method 3

    Use the Idea company website to check your Idea Balance

    This section will go over how to check your Idea sim balance using the customer service network. Here are the processes to determine all Idea balances, including Idea net balance, Talktime, and Validity.

    Step 1. Visit Idea company SelfCare. Enter the number associated with your Idea.

    Step 2. Input the OTP to sign in. Your account’s main page will be routed to you.

    Step 3. Everything, including internet balance, minutes balance, and main balance, may be found here.

    Method 4

    Check data balance

    To check your Idea balance immediately from your phone, just remember the following things while phoning the Idea balance check number:

    1. If you contact *121# to check your Idea balance, you will be greeted by an automated audio message that will inform you of your amount.
    2. Dial *125# to see how much data you have remaining on your Idea number.
    3. The same code can be used to check your balance for both 2G and 3G services.
    4. Simply dial *451# from your Idea phone number to check your Idea balance for SMS service.
    5. Finally, dial *147# to acquire Idea self-care information on your account.

    Method 5

    Check idea company Balance by yourself

    To check your Idea balance immediately from your phone, just remember the following things while phoning the Idea balance check number:

    1. If you contact *121# to check your Idea balance, you will be greeted by an automated audio message that will inform you of your amount.
    2. Dial *125# to find out how to verify Idea’s net balance. Use the same to check the balance of 2G or 3G service.
    3. To check your Idea balance for SMS service, call *451# from your Idea phone number.
    4. Finally, if you need information about your account, dial *147# to reach Idea self-care.

    Method 6

    Check balance via customer care

    1. To get your main account balance, dial 198 (toll-free) or 121 (charged) and press 1.
    2. Dial 198, then press 2 and 3 to find out how much data you’ve used in the last three days.

    Method 7

    Know recharge history or transactions

    Method 1: Download the Idea company App and log in to see your recharge and transaction history.

    Method 2: Request an OTP by going to the Idea company login page and entering your idea number.

    After logging in with your OTP, you’ll see a dashboard similar to the one below, including a tab labeled “My Transaction.”

    Method 8

    Check Local minutes balance

    If you want to check the balance of your Idea bulk minutes, you’ve come to the right place since we’ll give you the USSD code to use to check your local minute balance.

    Step 1. From your Idea phone number, dial *131*3#.

    Step 2. Choose the option for Local Minute balance.

    Step 3. Verify it.

    Step 4. Your account balance will be displayed on your screen.

    Get a Talktime loan in Idea company 

    1. To get Rs. 5 Talktime loans from Idea Credit, dial *150*05#.
    2. To borrow Rs. 10 in Talktime, dial *150*10#.
    3. To borrow Rs.20 in Talktime, dial *150*20#.

    Know validity of idea company number

    Dial *131*1# to check the validity of your Idea and your calling balance. You can double-check it by contacting the idea customer care service. To discover the incoming validity in Idea, simply look at the last recharge date and the plan’s end date. This will tell you how long our outgoing Idea company will be valid.

    How to check the validity date of the idea company number?

    Check the date of your most recent recharge and when it expires to determine the Idea’s validity. This will inform you of the duration of your Idea number plan. Dial the Idea USSD code *121*4*1*5# to find out more about your previous recharge.


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