HOW TO DELETE YOUTUBE CHANNEL ? Our technology has driven so much that each and everything you want to try can be possible using the Internet. The Internet has become the basic use of almost all the people in the world. Almost ninety percent 90% of people nowadays earning through the help of the Internet. Starting from small students to the big employees and managers and CEOs of the company, all need the Internet. Internet is a vast form of technology and it can serve almost the entire population by providing various Platforms. There are Platforms where people can express their hobbies their skills and whatever they wish to and think would be helpful to other people. There are various social networking sites where people can socially post their work.


    There are a lot of social apps where people can not only explore their qualities but also learn from the platforms. There are so many different applications where one can learn and also make others learn. Some of the applications are Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, and the most amazing platform and everyone’s favorite is our YouTube application. YouTube is an application where you get a chance to make your channel. YouTube is one of those applications where there is no age limit. Every person of whatever age can easily use the application for learning as well as creating content with the help of which others too can learn a new different skill.

    There are a lot of people who open their YouTube channel and fail to maintain. It is very essential to function your YouTube channel properly. One must set days and times when they are going to upload their content. There must be sincerity in all the work one starts, if one starts to be a little lazy, then it is going to affect their channel. So then during these situations, one has to delete their YouTube channel. But how to delete the YouTube channel? Let’s see the steps with which one can correctly delete the YouTube channel.


    1. You must first log in to use YouTube Studio.

    2. From the left sidebar, select settings.

    3. Select channel advanced settings

    4. At the bottom, select remove YouTube content.

    5. Select I want to permanently delete my content.

    6. To confirm that you want to delete your channel, check the boxes.

    7. Select the option to erase my content.

    With these simple steps, one can delete the YouTube channel. It can be easy if you follow the steps correctly and properly. There can be many reasons due to which one is deleting the great YouTube channel. Some of the reasons which are mostly seen are as follows;

    · Not knowing the proper way of handling the YouTube channel.

    · Having no content to upload.

    · Not progressing the channel.

    · Health-related issues.

    · The issue of family allowances.

    These are some of the reasons why one can switch to deleting the YouTube channel. There are more reasons because of which people decide to delete their YouTube channels even the people who are very much keen and interested in maintaining the YouTube channel.


    Instead of deleting the YouTube channel, one can hide the channel from the ones whom you don’t want to look at your YouTube channel. These are some of the advantages of social media apps, which allow you to legally do whatever you want with your account. Not only does social applications like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat but YouTube also have features like hiding your YouTube channel. Internet is the technology that if you know how to use properly and take all the benefits from the social platform, then you can even be your teacher, and explore and learn whatever you want at any point in time. How to conceal a YouTube channel.

    1. Log in to your YouTube studio account.

    2. From the left sidebar, select settings

    3. Select channel advanced settings

    4. At the bottom, select remove YouTube content.

    5. Select I want to hide my content.

    6. Select the boxes to confirm that will be hidden on your channel.

    7. Select the HIDE channel.

    And it will be done. This is how simple it is to hide your YouTube channel. One just needs to know the proper techniques and ways to properly use the social platform. Once you know what are the exact functions and features of the social application, you can completely change the way of your phone’s working features.


    Every social application available on the Internet is free. If you have an android phone then every application you download from the net is free. When coming to social networking applications, there are a lot of free applications but also there are applications that ask for a day-to-day payment when used.

    YOUTUBE is one such application where one can come to know what all things are possible. Imagine getting to learn without even paying a single penny. Isn’t it amazing to get learn and even make learn without any problems of paying or receiving any money? There are so many things one can learn from the YouTube channel, such as learning artistic designs, learning Mehendi designs, learning to dance, learning to sing, learning to cook, even learning how to teach, and many more things one can learn the amazing social platform of YouTube. Not only one can look and gain knowledge from YouTube but also get a chance to gain knowledge about something different from normal. Other things include the gaining of knowledge by the videos which explain deep information about the unknown and the most unique facts of common life. Several channels show different life hacks that are commonly known as the basic problems of a normal personality.


    There are many YouTubers (people who make YouTube videos on the YouTube channel), who say that YouTube is not only a social platform or a channel where you can learn and also make learning about different things to different peoples at any given point of time but the most of the YouTubers say that YouTube is our family place. The main reason behind giving or stating such an affinitive statement is that on a YouTube channel, one can interact, or chat, or share, every small part of their life with their subscribers. Subscribers are the group of people who subscribe to a particular YouTube channel so that they get notified every single time their favorite YouTuber has uploaded a new video with new and amazing content. One can only share every small part of their life with their family members and so most of the YouTubers say that their subscribers are their family members because they can share every small part of their lives.


    Every single time you create an account on a social platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, Instagram, or The YouTube Platform, there is always a tension in our minds that whether our YouTube channel or any other account on various social media applications are safe and secure. Although all the social platforms available on the Internet are totally and completely safe and secured there are always a bunch of people who have extra smart minds and tend to hack someone’s account. The great social platform that is YOUTUBE gives you safe and secure security in the above situations as well. Here are some tips and tricks that YouTube says to keep in mind always so that your account on YouTube can never get hacked and is always safe and only under the protection of your password. The tips and tricks by YouTube are as follows:

    · The first tip is that one should never share the log info. That is all the information related to or is needed while logging in to your account or channel.

    · The second tip is that one should never give out their important passwords or passcodes to any other people. Always make a habit of typing the password or passcode at a place where no one is present.

    Always be aware of the hackers, and never give or enter your security passwords at any websites or web pages that you think are not secure or whose features are not like the YouTube platform features, because the YouTube platform never asks for your password in an email id or a phone call.

    Never fill any form which asks for personal information in the name of YouTube, because YouTube will never ask for any personal information such as Identity number, Financial Data, or any passwords or passcodes.

    Through all these tips and tricks, the YouTube platform wants to say that be attentive and careful from the hackers, follow all the guidelines and the instructions before giving any information about your social platform to anybody, and think twice before if you are sharing your email ID or password with anybody. DON’T LET ALL YOUR HARD WORK DOWN JUST BY DELETING YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


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