How to earn money using online income sources ?

    How to earn money using online ? Earning money has become the main concern of people across the world in these last two years. Many people have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. The working class and students who lack financial and technical support have been suffering from their school, college, and studies. Fetching for proper and suitable jobs has always been a problem but it has tremendously increased in this corona scenario.

    The online courses and study materials have played an important role for people who want to learn new skills and gain knowledge about new things. Fetching for the appropriate and suitable job has always been a difficult task to do. In this lockdown period, utilization and management of time have become important and necessary for everybody. Expecting instant money without any investment of time and hard work is like sowing without reaping.

    If you have the passion to gain new skills, then you can start an online blog about your knowledge or experience and earn money in some 5-6 months. But having a skill or knowledge makes it easy to search for related jobs. Many websites, institutions have been arranged online webinars and courses for students. Even many apps have been developed for the convenience of students and the working class of India.

    • Coursera
    • Udemy
    • edX
    • Udacity
    • Khan Academy
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • skillshare
    • Codecademy
    • FutureLearn
    • Alison
    • MIT OpenCourseWare
    • Academic Earth
    • Memrise

    Most people search for online jobs so that they work peacefully from home and spend more quality with their family and loved ones. The pandemic has also become one of the main reasons for people to search online and work from home jobs. Most of the companies, portals, and websites provide all types of jobs ie part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and also internships or project development programs. Students from all fields, with all talents and skills, can apply for jobs in their relative fields and interests. Job fetching plays an important role in the same perspective.

    • Social Media based job search

    This type of job search has a somewhat different approach than the usual job search program. Usually, candidates apply for jobs that suit their preferences and interests. But on a social network-based job search allows the recruiters to seek candidates based on their overall profile and resume. Social network platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram act as a common platform for recruiters and candidates. They benefit candidates and recruiters both in all possible ways and connect them. LinkedIn is the most popular network among all the networks. It is distantly followed by Facebook that has many possibilities of direct networking with recruiters and professionals.

    • In India, there are several online job portals.
    • (Job Board)
    • (Job Board)
    • MonsterIndia (Job Board)
    • (Job Search Engine)
    • TimesJobs (Job Board)
    • SimplyHired (Job Search Engine)
    • JobsDB (Job Board)
    • LinkedIn (Social Media)
    • InstaHyre (Artificial Intelligence based Jobs)
    • JobSakari (Job Search)
    • IndiGovtJobs (Job Search)
    • FreshersWorld (Job Search)
    • Shereos Careers (Job Search for Women)

    What are some ways to make money in India by using internet revenue sources?

    Online sources of income are becoming an important part of our life. Internet is the cheapest source to earn money, now has become the highest paying source of income. Especially over the last two years due to the pandemic scenario, it has been a lifesaver for many people. Moreover, online sources of income have no limitation for any person from earning money based on their age, gender, educational qualifications, or language preferences. The sum of money you earn nevertheless depends on how much time you spend working online and, second, how much effort you are ready to make. Aside from the most popular online occupations, such as social media marketing and blogging, there are a variety of other options like online jobs like graphic designing, tutoring, and transcription have their benefits.

    1. Facebook Marketing:

    Facebook being one the largest social network connecting people all across the world, also provides many opportunities for marketers and promoters. This type of marketing includes affiliate marketing as an important part of it. Affiliate marketing means promoting a product on Facebook. It is writing creative and attractive descriptions of products that attract customers to buy the product. This may also be used to promote for other people or even companies. You earn some amount of profit every time someone buys the product you are promoting from your link. This is where Facebook is used. It acts as a tool that is used for your product’s promotion. All you need for this job is content writing skills and also promotional skills to write attractive posts for Facebook and promote them. Basic editing skills are required to make the posts appealing.

    Just like Facebook, Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks. Instagram has millions of monthly users that include all generations of India. Most large and small-scale companies are using Instagram for promotion and marketing purposes. The main requirement of this type of marketing is that you need enough followers. The companies contact the influencers or promotion pages with a huge following to attract followers on their page. This is somewhat similar to Facebook marketing as this also needs affiliate marketing. The amount of money you earn depends on the quality of your work, your followers, and the number of customers or readers you can get.

    If you have commendable writing skills and command over one language, then earning money online becomes easy. There are many websites, blogs, and writing platforms that need content writers who can write good content such as articles, stories, poems, scripts, promotion posts, etc. You can earn daily only by spending hours a day. You can read novels and other books if you aim to write good content. It will help you increase your vocabulary and smoothen the pace of your work.

    If you are well-versed with video editing applications available then you can work as a video editor. Adobe Premiere Pro, Kine Master, Final cut pro are the same as the popular software. This software requires some amount of practice. Though this may become somewhat exhaustive if one has skill then it becomes fun. Even if you don’t know how to edit videos then there’s always a scope to learn new things. You can find online videos on YouTube where you can learn how to use this software. Many video content creators search for video editors to make their jobs easy and smooth. This job can pay you extremely well depending on your work.

    Graphic Designers are some of the most paid online workers. You can easily work from home if you are a graphic designer as it is entirely digital. All you need for this job is the software for graphic designers on your laptop/computer. People who enjoy animation, design, or simply cartoon drawing will enjoy this profession. Graphic designers convey a message and inspire through their designs. They also design advertisements for companies, magazines, and promotional posters.

    Basic requirements of skills for graphic design jobs:

    • Creativity (most important)
    • Typography
    • Knowledge and Practice of graphic designing software
    • Ability to explain your design and conveying your message correctly through it.

    In this pandemic, the mode of study has become online. So tutoring online is considered as one of the highest job providers. You do not need to leave your home for this job. You don’t even need a laptop/computer, you can use your mobile for the class. Softwares such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Skype, etc for tutoring purposes. There is no restriction on what you teach. People, these days, are eager to explore and learn all the things that they were unable to due to their busy schedules.

    Creating an online shop is a very convenient method to start your own business and connect to many people at the same time. If you make products at home then you can exhibit them online by creating your page and earn money by connecting it to your account. There is all sort of online shops available. There is no limitation of age, type of products, and the scale of business for creating an online shop. You can also connect with already existing online shops such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Earning money becomes much easier with the help of online markets.

    Blogging is commonly done with software like WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, or Blogger. You can earn money directly by creating your blog. You can write anything that you like and feel appealing to the readers. Blogging can also be used as a marketing strategy for businesses. You can get money by blogging for other firms and companies if you are competent at creating material for promotion posts and marketing. One needs to be creative enough to earn money through blogging. Also, you need to be in constant touch with your followers.

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