How To Port From Jio To Airtel in 2021?

    How To Port From Jio To Airtel ? Every network operator in the telecom sector is constantly attempting to entice new individuals to join their network by offering better deals and services than their competitors. As a result of difficulties such as insufficient service offering and poor network coverage, many users seek to quit their current service provider. If you’re a Reliance Jio client who wants to switch to the Airtel network without giving up your current Jio phone number, here’s how you can do it. You can rapidly transfer your cell number from Jio to Airtel using MNP (Mobile Number Portability). To ensure a smooth move from Jio to Airtel, simply follow the instructions below. However, you must first learn about mobile connection porting.

    What is MNP (Mobile Number Porting)?

    Mobile number porting refers to the practice of moving your phone number to a new network while keeping your old one. Once the porting is complete, your existing phone number will be assigned to the new network. The new operator will provide the SIM card as well as all other services related to the mobile connection.

    Eligibility (Who can Port?)

    You must meet only one criterion before submitting a request for portability using the MNP service. A user must use his or her current SIM card connection for at least 90 days before applying for mobile number portability. You will not receive a UPC for your SMS request if you attempt to make another porting request after the number has been switched to the current telecom network.

    What does the term UPC mean?

    When you use the MNP service to register a porting request, your telecom operator will provide you with a UPC or Unique Porting Code. It is used by the client support agent to confirm your authenticity for portability and issue you another SIM card association on your present number. Each UPC makes some utilization memories limit and will lapse once the cut-off time has elapsed.

    Validity of UPC

    As previously stated, UPC plays a critical part in the Jio to Airtel porting procedure. From the time it is generated, the UPC is only valid for five days. It will be used to port a mobile number from Airtel. At each Airtel store, it may only be used once. This code will expire in five days, and you will need to reapply. To port from Jio to Airtel, new application requests will be submitted, and a new UPC will be generated.

    How to Port from Jio to Airtel?

    Airtel is one of India’s leading telecom companies, with a variety of monthly subscription plans to choose from. Airtel Xstream is a streaming service that combines a DTH connection with access to streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and others on a single device. Prepaid and postpaid connections are available through the telecom provider, with plans ranging from low-cost to high-end with lots of features. You can use Airtel’s Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service to migrate your Jio phone number to their network. Airtel’s MNP service allows customers to switch service providers without having to alter their phone numbers. Users can move from Jio to Airtel using the official Airtel website, mobile app, or by physically going to an Airtel store and requesting MNP.

    To utilize the service, you must have a valid address and evidence of identities, such as a passport, driver’s license, voter ID card, ration card, or photo credit card.

    Porting Process For Postpaid Customers

    Customers who want to switch their Jio number to Airtel can do so using one of two post-paid Airtel plans as per their choice.

    Step 1: To begin, select one of the two plans listed here and then click on Buy.

    Step 2: Then choose ‘Airtel’ from the drop-down menu (with the same number)

    Step 3: Put your full name, phone number, city, and address in the fields below.

    Step 4: Then, at that point, to complete the cycle, press the Submit button. When you click Submit, an SMS will be sent to you confirming your request and stating that Airtel will contact you shortly.

    Step 5: On the following page, Airtel will remind you to carry your location and ID evidence with you for SIM conveyance, and you may get a call from the conveyance chief in any matter of time.

    Porting Process For Prepaid Customers

    You can check the website for available options if you want to switch your Jio connection to an Airtel prepaid cell connection. . If you want to switch to a prepaid plan, Airtel now offers two options on its website. . You have the choice of choosing a preferred plan.

    Follow the procedures outlined below to learn how to port numbers:

    Step 1: Send PORT(space)(mobile number) to 1900 to get a porting code.

    Step 2: Keep the porting code you received secure and use it within four days of obtaining it; otherwise, it will expire.

    Step 3: Fill out a porting application: You can easily port to Airtel by going to the Airtel store and filling out your plan and delivery information. You’ll start the porting process at home.

    Step 4: Following the submission of your request, you will receive a response from your current provider advising you of the status of your request as well as the date and time of porting. The complete process takes three working days if you are porting inside the same city and five days if you are porting across cities.

    Step 5: When your previous Airtel Prepaid connection stops operating, your new one will be activated (this usually happens at midnight). So you can keep utilizing the old connection while your porting request is being processed. When the old SIM stops operating, replace it.

    Step 6: In the case of Airtel prepaid connections, the chosen first recharge plan will be instantly charged to the new SIM.

    What is the time frame for switching from Jio to Airtel?

    The porting process takes about five to seven business days. Clients can utilize their current Jio postpaid or prepaid connections during this time. When the porting process is finished, the past SIM card will quit working, and you should embed your Airtel SIM card to restore cellular service on your phone.

    To finish the porting process, what documents will I require?

    Photograph in passport size Aadhar card/Pan card/Voter ID/Driving License is all acceptable forms of proof of address. Users had to produce physical copies of documents and fill out a physical portability form before the document verification procedure became entirely digital. Clients will presently have to convey their documents with them, and the rest of the procedure will be taken care of utilizing an application. As the procedure has become more digitised, consumers are now required to give biometric verification when confirming documents.

    How can I know whether the porting is done or not?

    You’ll receive an SMS on the alternate number supplied before the porting process is finished and your Jio to Airtel port is accomplished. The porting procedure will be confirmed via SMS, and a tele-verification code will be included. Simply place the new Airtel sim card into your phone and request a verification code by phoning ‘59059’ and entering it.

    Is it free?

    The rates for MNP have been decreased by TRAI following a recent adjustment in the MNP policy. The operators incur this fee on behalf of the customers in numerous cases. The telecom regulator has reduced the charge for mobile number portability (MNP) transactions by more than 70% to Rs. 5.74. Previously, MNP service providers required recipient telecom companies to pay Rs 19 for each subscriber recruited.

    Is it possible to change my prepaid or postpaid connection to a different prepaid or postpaid connection?

    Users of both postpaid and prepaid plans can request porting, but they should be aware that transferring into a prepaid plan is not permitted by Airtel. There is a need that the Airtel postpaid customer uses the service for at least three months. They were able to switch from postpaid to prepaid after finishing their three-month billing cycle with Airtel.


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