How you can avoid online fraud by using Airtel for UPI Payment?

    While we talk about the telco giants in India, we just cannot miss out on mentioning Bharti Airtel. Ever since the company was established, it has expanded many fold and became a brand that everyone trusts. From prepaid and postpaid services to DTH and broadband services, every service offered by it is top-notch and you will hardly find any difficulty using one. Apart from this, what makes it one of the most sought-after brands is the pocket-friendly rates. No matter which service you are going for, the rates are affordable and you will also not find any glitch in the reception.

    Over the years, Airtel has come up with a very useful service, Airtel Payments Bank, which enables you to carry out UPI payment. Airtel Payments Bank is a digital bank that allows you to have a savings bank which even lets you earn interest on the money you keep there. You can also enjoy the digital debit card service from the bank; which can only be used for digital payments. One of the prominent features of the bank is transferring the amount to the other accounts.

    What makes Airtel Payments Bank different from its competitors?

    The one feature that makes the Airtel Payments Bank unique from its competitors is Safe Pay. Let us check out some points on Airtel Safe Pay:

    • It works on all UPI transactions and Net Banking done on Airtel Payment Bank
    • It is one of the safest ways to transfer funds from your bank account as it sends alerts to your Airtel mobile number through Airtel Network Intelligence
    • There is no charge when you respond to Safe Pay alerts
    • There is an additional layer of security that comes with this option, and it is called 3rd-factor authentication
    • Whatever transaction you make, you will get confirmation first. Only when you give a thumbs up to the transaction and confirm that it is being carried out by you, the transaction will be successful.

    How do you transfer funds using Safe Pay?

    It can be a little thrilling while using Safe Pay for the first time. However, you do not have to worry at all. The feature only makes the process easier and much more secure than you can even imagine. Let us discuss the steps to transact money using Safe Pay.

    • You have to link your Airtel Payments Bank account to your Airtel number. Now go to Airtel Thanks App and enable Safe Pay for your account
    • In this step, you can initiate the transaction by using the  Payments Bank account. For this, you have to enter the transaction amount, mPIN, etc.
    • You will receive an  Safe Pay alert on your registered mobile number, which you have to authorize
    • Now confirm and complete the transaction.

    Nevertheless, to do all of these easily, you need to have Airtel Thanks App on your smartphone. If you are yet to install it, you can find it on Google Play Store or iOS App Store, and quickly get it on your phone. Using the App is easy and from recharging to bill payments, and even money transactions, you can do all of them through this App. You can also make payments through the Airtel Payments Bank with just one button.


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