I Can’t Shut Up About These Vacuum-Sealed Bags For Travel & Storage

    When I say that these are the *single* most useful thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon, I’m literally 0% joking. Traveling in winter is one thing (bulky winter sweaters take up more precious luggage real estate than airy tank tops), but I was also toting around multiple ski jackets and bibs for hitting the slopes. Not only were the bags made from a sturdy, rip-resistant plastic (the fact that they’re reusable was a major plus), but best of all, the user experience was a piece of cake. Each bag (except the roll-up ones) has a reinforced zipper (and clip to make sure air doesn’t escape), plus a valve in the center that connects to the pump, making it possible to vacuum the remaining air out — this is, surprisingly, enormously satisfying. (Also the pump itself is relatively compact and very lightweight, so it’s ideal for travel.) Once we got home, I went on a bit of a vacuuming spree, packaging up extra puffer coats, pillows, and comforters, taking them from cloud- like to flat in seconds. (The box says it creates 80% extra space, but I’d confidently put the number closer to 60%.)

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