I Make $240,000, I Work In The Adult Industry & A Client Pays For My Lyfts

    Occupation: Business owner
    Industry: Adults
    Age: 40
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Salary: $240,000
    Net Worth: ~$100,000 (checking: $15,000, Roth IRA $6,000, investments: $80,000. I just started contributing to the Roth in 2021, but I plan on maxing it out annually)
    Debt: $0
    Paycheck Amount (I have 15 income streams that come in throughout the month): $20,000 monthly (it varies but this is the average gross amount, I pay taxes separately)
    Pronouns: She/her

    Monthly Expenses
    Rent: $1,990 (My half, split 50/50 with my partner. We both work from home and split most household expenses 50/50 but I pay for more things because I make more. We do not share any bank accounts and do not intend to; if we were to get married, we would sign a prenup.)
    Renter’s Insurance: $22
    Electrical: $60 (my half, split 50/50 with partner)
    Gas: $0 still have some CA gas credit
    Internet: $25 (my half, split 50/50 with partner)
    Mobile phone: $117
    Investments: $4,000
    Donation: $20
    Health Insurance: $37
    Peloton: $43 (my half, split 50/50 with partner)
    Car Insurance: $100 (my half, split 50/50 with partner)
    Spotify Duo: $13 (share with partner)
    Hulu: $12 (share with partner)
    Netflix: $0 (share friend’s account) $40 (pay for your porn people!)
    Rent The Runway: $235
    Kindle Unlimited: $9.99 (share account with partner)
    Life Insurance: $57
    Business Expenses
    Rent: $2,500
    Insurance: $88
    Electrical: $100
    Internet: $100
    Assistants: $500 (varies monthly; $20/hour)
    Annual Expenses:
    Chase Sapphire Preferred: $95

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