If there is a burning sensation on the skin after bleaching, then get relief with these home remedies

    Many people do bleach to remove or cover the unwanted hair present on the face. However, bleaching is not necessarily good for everyone’s skin, as the chemicals used are very strong, which can cause problems like itching and burning on the skin. Let us tell you some such home remedies, by adopting which you can get relief from the problems caused by bleaching.

    Aloe vera is rich in anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties as well as soothing effects, which can help relieve itching and burning caused by bleaching. For relief, first wash and cut the aloe vera leaf and then take out its gel with the help of a spoon. Finally apply this gel on the affected skin. Repeat this process about three to four times a day.

    alovera use

    Coconut oil is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-septic and moisturizing properties, which can go a long way in reducing the effects of irritation and other problems caused by bleaching. To get relief from the problem, clean the burning area with cold water and wipe it lightly with a soft towel. After this, gently massage the affected area with coconut oil. Do this twice a day.


    Ice can go a long way in reducing the irritation and inflammation on the skin after bleaching. To get relief from the problem, grind the ice finely with a rolling pin or ice crusher. Now wrap this fine ice in a clean cotton cloth and then apply it on the affected area with light hands. Do this about three to four times a day. Surely this will give you a lot of relief.

    The use of sandalwood can also prove to be very effective in relieving problems like itching and burning due to bleaching. For this, prepare a thick paste by adding water with sandalwood powder as needed in a bowl, then apply that paste on the affected area. This will soon reduce the effect of all the problems. Apart from this, adding sandalwood powder to rose water and applying it on the skin affected by irritation also provides relief.

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