I’m 24, I Make $58,000 & I Have Two Jobs

    Occupation: Development Coordinator
    Industry: Nonprofit
    Age: 24
    Location: New York, NY
    Salary: $51,000 from my full-time job plus ~$7,000 freelance income
    Net Worth: $44,204 ($4,150 in a regular savings account, $23,069 in a high-yield savings account, $8,136 in an old 401(k), $2,566 in a new 403(b), $2,320 in a brokerage account, $3,215 in my checking account, and $748 in a Roth-IRA.)
    Debt: $0
    Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $1,414 plus $350-$600 a month in freelance income.
    Pronouns: She/her

    Monthly Expenses
    Rent: $1,400 for my share of a two-bed, one-bath in Manhattan with one roommate.
    Internet: $43 for my half
    Gas/Electric: $60 for my half
    Health Insurance: $0 (Still on my parent’s plan until I turn 26.)
    Netflix: $21.26
    HBO: $0 (Free access via parent’s cell phone plan.)
    Spotify: $10.62
    Cell Phone: $0 (Still on my parents’ plan.)
    Apple Storage: $1
    Roth IRA: $75
    Brokerage Account: $75
    Recurring Donations: $13.69
    401(k): $117 (from my paycheck)
    Annual Expenses:
    New York Magazine: $35
    Amazon Prime: $130 (I am not renewing because I want to divest from Amazon.)

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