I’m 33, I Have A Joint Income Of $205,000 & I Have $75,000 In Savings

    Occupation: administrator
    Industry: Govt.
    Age: 33
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    My Salary: $85,000
    My Husband’s Salary: $120,000
    Net Worth: ~$219,000 not including my husband, D.’s, personal accounts. (Our finances are not entirely merged but not separated either. Our house is worth approximately $450,000 (and we owe $307,000), I have about $20,000 invested in my pension, $5,000 in personal savings, $6,000 in a personal checking account (that does collect some interest) and about $10,000 in a Roth IRA. My husband and I have about $35,000 in joint savings. Some of that money is getting moved into a money market account to be used for an emergency fund. My husband has additional savings in both a savings account and a retirement account. He works for an investment firm that gives him retirement account money for existing, so it’s not an insignificant amount. He has stock options as well but we cashed them out in February 2020 to use for our down payment.)
    Debt: $307,000 left on the mortgage.
    My Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $1,965.57
    Pronouns: She/her

    Monthly Expenses
    Mortgage: $2,026.63 mortgage payment split with D., so my half is $1,013.32.
    Spotify: $13.77 (D. Pays for Netflix and we get Disney+ for free through Verizon).
    Mobile phone: $0, D. covers this for me since I pay for all of our insurance.
    Dental, Pharmacy, and Health Insurance: $300 taken out of my paycheck.
    water: $120
    Gas/Electric: $100
    Savings: $300
    Donations: D. gives monthly to our church in exchange for health insurance. We do other ad hoc donations throughout the year. I’m currently saving to give a bigger sum to pay back some scholarships I received in college.

    Annual Expenses
    Car Insurance: $2,000

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