I’m 34, I Make $2,000 A Month & I Just Moved To The U.S. Virgin Islands

    Occupation: Freelance Writer/Yoga Teacher
    Industry: Wellness
    Age: 34
    Location: U.S. Virgin Islands
    Salary: $2,000/month in freelance work
    Net Worth: ~$214,000 (I taught in the public school system in the US for 12 years, so I have a vested public school retirement account with ~$106,631 that I will have access to when I am 63. I have about $50,000 invested in the market (a large chunk of that came from the sale of a house when I got divorced in 2020) that is managed by a financial firm. I have $5,600 in a Roth IRA (that I plan to max out again this year), and around $52,000 in an HYSA. I sold a car and have been saving like mad to be able to move from the Midwest to the U.S. Virgin Islands to join my partner. This number is pretty inflated because I hope to buy a car in the next few months and will also begin contributing to living expenses. I also have some of this earmarked for taxes. My partner and I don’t have joint accounts but we do cover things for each other when needed.)
    Debt: $0
    Paycheck Amount (varies): ~$2,000/month in freelance work
    Pronouns: She/her

    Monthly Expenses

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