In 2023, I Am Cringe But I Am Free

    Dahmin goes on to give examples such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who, if sat next to you in high school, “would raise major red flags because of how cringe and socially awkward [he] was”. Now, of course, he’s a billionaire. Dahmin continues: “Every pop star or singer… imagine Ariana Grande. If you went to high school with her, she was probably singing all the time, like extra af, and nobody likes that girl who’s always singing.” Also “SoundCloud rappers…everyone was making fun of them until they blew up” and “every actor in action films who everyone’s always simping over were probably once just theater school kids”. In the comments on the video, people are rapturous in agreement. “Thanks bestie I needed this,” one commenter adds. Another says: “This is 10000% true.” One comment that has 26.2k likes (!) reads: “The fear of embarrassment is stopping y’all from being great.”

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