Indian Goods then(1947) and now (2021)!

    Actually we have brought you here Indian goods of 1947 rates and today’s rates of 8 essential things including milk and sugar. From this you can get an idea of how much the prices of these things have increased in the last 74 years since India’s independence.

    Indian Rice Rate In 1947

    The cost of one kg of rice was only 12 paise. Yes, only 12 paise. Whereas today the rate of rice is Rs 70 per kg. Before independence, 8 kg of rice could be bought for just one rupee.

    Price of Indian Potato

    The consumption of potatoes in India is quite high. It is eaten in every part of the country. In 1947, the cost of one kg of potato was only 25 paise. That is, you could buy 4 kg of potatoes for 1 rupee. Whereas today the rate of potato is Rs 25 per kg.

    A full frame photograph of an abundance of potatoes for sale on a market stall

    Price of Milk

    At the time of independence, the rate of full cream milk was only 12 paise per kg. For 1 rupee then more than 8 kg of milk was available. But today the rate of milk is Rs 58 per kg. Recently Amul and Mother Dairy have made milk expensive.

    Price of Cycle

    The cycle that you can buy today for Rs 4500-5000 was available 74 years ago for just Rs 20. Today you will get a good bicycle for only 5000 rupees.

    Indian Gold Price

    Gold has always been something that has always been in demand. In 1947, this precious metal was only 88.62 per 10 grams. If we see today, this rate is around Rs 46700. It can be guessed how many times the gold rates have increased.

    Petrol Rate

    At present, the price of petrol in India is at the highest record in history. That’s why you would definitely like to know the 1947 rate of petrol. In 1947, the cost of a liter of petrol was only 27 paise.

    Rail Fare

    Rail Fare Delhi to Mumbai – First class fare 74 years from now was only Rs 123. Whereas today this fare is Rs 5025.

    Flight Tickets

    Today the flight ticket from Delhi to Mumbai is more than Rs 5000. Whereas in 1947 it was just Rs 140. The government has announced a price hike of at least 12.5 percent on the minimum and maximum domestic airfares on domestic flights. The government had hiked domestic airfares by 15 per cent on June 1, 2021, and prices had been hiked at least a couple of times before that as well. The price hike is on lower and upper caps which have been imposed to check unusually high ticket prices due to increase in demand and limited flights.

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