Instagram Brought ‘Rage Shake’ and ‘Finally’.

    Meta-owned Instagram app has confirmed the rollout of two new features on the platform. These features have been named ‘Finally’ and ‘Rage Shake’. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has given information about these features by posting a short video from his official Twitter account. The first feature will finally give an option to delete an image from the carousel of images, while the second with Rage Shake will allow users to report platform-related issues.

    Photos can be deleted without deleting the post

    With the help of a new feature named finally, users will be able to delete a single image present in the images carousel. That is, if you have posted more than one photo in a post and want to delete any one of them later, then this feature will come in handy. At the same time, till now the option of deleting only one photo was not available and deleting the entire post was the only option.


    In the video that has been tweeted, Adam has shown how the FINALLY feature will work. The final feature is currently being released only for iOS users and will be available on the Android platform later. Mosseri says that users have been demanding this feature for a long time and it is finally being made a part of the app. Such an option is being available in the Facebook app for a long time.

    It will be easier to report a problem with Rage Shake

    With the second ‘Rage Shake’ feature, users will be able to easily report problems with accessing Instagram. Many times users face problems in the app like not uploading photos or videos or getting compressed. With the Raise Shake feature, users will only have to ‘shake’ their phone to report such a problem. This feature is being rolled out in the US on mobile platforms.


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