Instagram- New way to verify identity in the app.

    Photo sharing app Instagram is giving its users a new option of identity verification. Social media consultant Matt Navara has shared a screenshot of the changes associated with the new feature. With this feature, the company will ask users to record video selfies. Through this video the identity of the account user will be confirmed. In this way, the company will try to reduce the number of fake profiles and remove spam accounts from social media platforms.

    Users will have to tell their real identity

    Screenshots have shown that with the help of video selfies, Instagram will find out whether a user’s account is genuine or not. In this process of verification, the user will be asked to record a short video of his face, which will be matched with the profile images. The company has promised that these video selfies will not be stored in the database and will be deleted in 30 days.


    Video selfies will not be visible to other users

    Instagram said, “We need a short video where you show your face by turning your head in different directions. This will help us to confirm that you are the original account holder and your identity will be verified.” Video selfies uploaded by users will not be shared with others and will not be visible on the profile. The company has promised not to collect biometric data of users and not to use face recognition technology.

    This is the first time the app hasn’t brought a video selfie verification option and had shown a similar option in August last year as well. This security feature was removed after a few days due to some kind of technical flaw. According to a report by XDA Developers, Instagram has included a new verification feature in the app as an upgrade and it is available to many users in the app.

    Instagram wants to give its users a secure social media experience on the app and is taking steps in this direction. In order to make the platform secure and give users the full benefit of the safety features, Instagram is now asking users for their birthdays. If users want to continue using the app, then they have to share their birthday. In case of not doing so, the features available to them will be reduced.

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