Instagram – Post stories up to 60 seconds long .

    The Stories feature of the photo sharing platform Instagram is widely used and the company is testing a new feature related to it. Instagram users can now share a maximum of 15 seconds long stories, the time limit of which can be increased to 60 seconds. Some users around the world are being given a new experimental feature and they can post long stories.


    The company has not yet officially announced the rollout of this feature.


    The information about increasing the time limit of Instagram Stories was first given by social media consultant Matt Navara. Matt shared a screenshot of the banner of the new feature seen in Turkey from his official Twitter account. Users will now be able to share long stories on Instagram for up to 60 seconds. This is a big change from the current 15 seconds limit and short format stories will be completely changed with it.


    The advantage of 60 seconds limit is good news for creators and brands who want to share long videos or monologues. Users are still able to share long videos in their stories, but they are divided into segments of 15-15 seconds and after one part of the video ends, another story starts playing after 15 seconds. For content creators, videos will no longer be broken into stories of 15 seconds.

    Instagram is going to shut down the Threads app

    Instagram brought users Snapchat-like messaging app Threads two years ago, which is being shut down next month. Users will be informed about this by showing a prompt in the Thread app and they will be asked to use the original Instagram app. Apart from this, Instagram has given users the option to add music to feed posts like reels and stories and it is being tested in India.

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