IoT – Architecture

    What is IoT – Architecture?

    Internet of Things is the technology that to solve problems arising in the real world by creating machines or systems that run without any human operation and solve the problem automatically. There is a certain process of manufacturing and working of these machines. on which the solution to that problem lies. This process is known as IoT – Architecture.

    Stages of IoT – Architecture

    There are 4 stages of any IoT – Architecture. On which the IoT system is built.

    1. Sensor/Actuator

    The sensor or actuator is an important device in any IoT system, which has the ability to accept and process the signal. Sensors collect such data, which will be further transferred to the network.

    2. Data acquisition system

    This stage of IoT – Architecture does the work of signal transformation. When any data from the sensor device is processed and exits. So it is in the form of analog signal.

    But other processes on this data require it to be converted into a digital signal. Therefore it is converted into a digital signal by the data acquisition system. So that further process can be possible.

    3. Edge Analytics

    The digital signal has to enter a center to solve the problem of the real world. Edge analysis is used to check whether it requires further processing before entering the center.

    4. Cloud analysis

    Sometimes the problem is more complex. Therefore, to solve the problem, we need to process the data more deeply. And we do the processing of such data through cloud based systems. So such data is sent to the cloud based system. Therefore this stage is called cloud analysis.


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